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What’s new in SAP S/4HANA for group reporting

SAP S/4HANA for group reporting is our strategic product for financial consolidation and management reporting. Available both in the cloud and on premise, our next-generation consolidation software unifies companies’ entity close and group close processes on a single system, facilitating drill down directly to the document level for fast analysis, better decision-making and accelerated financial close process.

We in the SAP Product Engineering team would like to share the following recap list of the innovations we deliver for each new release of our next generation consolidation software.

2302 public cloud – January 25, 2023

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  • Starter content for building forms to collect ESG data
  • Package management supporting a staggered close
  • Design questions and collect answers in forms
  • Segregation of duties for manual journal postings with an approval workflow
  • Method-change and OCI (at equity) automation in consolidation of investments
  • Currency translation – company or posting date – specific exchange rate
  • Assignment of margin analysis, journal entry, and other accounting fields to group reporting customer fields
  • Upload infrastructure enhancements with new “Add” update mode
  • Migration support for SAP Financial Consolidation data load into Group Reporting
  • Export mapped data in a CSV file with SAP Group Reporting Data Collection’s data mapping app
  • Balance carryforward enhancements
  • New public cloud APIs to read consolidation task groups, and consolidation unit task run
  • Consolidation version enhancements
  • Display Group Journal Entries app enhancements
  • Consolidation global hierarchies’ enhancements
  • Miscellaneous enhancements in Group Reporting master data, including Consolidation Unit on 18 characters
  • Leaner data collection task log
  • Improved performance in initial data load and efficient line validation log focusing on errors only

2022 on premise and private cloud – October 12, 2022

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  • Tighter integration of accounting with group reporting via the introduction of new group reporting preparation ledgers at accounting level, with real-time aggregated group view into accounting
  • Restatements and simulations capabilities, leveraging and enhancing the extension version capability, to help you run these critical activities of your consolidation process
  • Segment reporting through flexible derivation of the consolidation unit in group reporting preparation ledgers, helping you manage the data collection process at segment level, define consolidation groups for segments, split up data from one company to several consolidation units so that you can perform the consolidation of segments, profit centers, functional areas or a combination of these
  • Enhanced reclassification for equity method, with a new option called “Remove Predefined Filters” to automate the consolidation adjustments for a unit consolidated with equity method
  • Integrate planning data from SAP Analytics Cloud with group reporting consolidation, with the ability to perform entity planning as well as corporate planning based on built-in integration on planning functions and analytics reporting
  • Improved data feed with SAP Group Reporting Data Collection (GRDC) data mapping app including ECC as a source to populate the consolidation table, test run capabilities and enhanced segregation of duties
  • Better collection of text comments, and introduction of visual controls / conditional formatting in SAP Group Reporting Data Collection (GRDC) forms
  • Enhanced “Manage Substitution/Validation Rules – Group Journal Entries app”, with the ability to use time and version-dependent financial statement item attributes as a pre-condition value for your substitution and validation rules
  • Increased flexibility in the consolidation process with consolidation unit extensibility, enabling you to create custom attributes on your units

2208 cloud – July 27, 2022

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  • Restatements and simulations: transparent changes on past closings
  • Segment reporting through flexible derivation of the consolidation unit in group reporting preparation ledgers
  • Ability to integrate planning data from SAP Analytics Cloud with group reporting consolidation
  • Connectivity of SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office with SAP S/4HANA Cloud for group reporting
  • New GRDC Forms features including ad hoc items and new C/I predefined forms
  • New GRDC Data Mapping features including new import options, support of ECC as a data source, test run, and segregation of rights
  • Local currency change during balance carry-forward
  • Support additional and customer fields in source and destination of consolidation rules / reclassifications for increased flexibility
  • Other key consolidation rules / reclassifications enhancements including rounding warnings at currency translation and equity pickup BAdI
  • Increased flexibility with new consolidation unit selection attributes
  • CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) APIs for group reporting master data
  • Post and simulate journal entries using a synchronous inbound service
  • Data warehouse extraction for group reporting

SAP Group Reporting Data Collection – February 19, 2022

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  • Create form-specific master data (ad hoc items) in SAP Group Reporting Data Collection (GRDC) for increased flexibility
  • Design GRDC forms with ad hoc items to collect notes to the annual statements, tax reports, sustainability or integrated reports

2202 cloud 
– January 26, 2022

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  • Tighter accounting-integration via group reporting preparation ledgers
  • App for review of group financial statement powered by SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Enhanced reclassification for equity method
  • Time and Version dependent financial statement item attributes in substitutions and validations
  • Data Mapping: “copy” function with data transformation capabilities for reported data
  • Forms: use of existing forms as shortcuts in different folders and packages
  • New pre-delivered totals validation / control rules

2111 cloud – October 27, 2021

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  • Increased flexibility in the consolidation process with consolidation unit extensibility
  • Enhanced core consolidation rules including more flexibility in source and destination rules
  • Improved “Import Consolidation Master Data” app with check and import all feature
  • Use time and version-dependent as well as additional fields in the “Define Selections” app
  • Reinforced guidance and controls in the additional master data fields configuration
  • Enhanced movement flow management: assign a default subitem to a subitem category
  • Reinforced audit capabilities with new traceability log in the GRDC “Data Mapping” app
  • Enabling visual controls in the GRDC “Forms” app with conditional formatting
  • Improved collection of text comments in the GRDC “Forms” app

2021 on premise and private cloud – October 13, 2021

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  • Improved transparency with new GRDC data mapping traceability log
  • New GRDC forms features incl. conditional formatting and improved comments
  • New features inherited from the 2108, 2105, 2102 and 2011 cloud releases

2108 cloud – August 4, 2021

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  • Automation of elimination of unrealized profit on inventory
  • Manual journals with multiple consolidation groups
  • Collect texts for financial reporting
  • Front-end formula calculations during manual data collection
  • Extensibility of financial statement item master data attributes
  • Increased data and consolidation monitors’ configuration flexibility
  • Performance improvements on analytics

SAP Group Reporting Data Collection – May 28, 2021

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  • Use formulas, labels and new formatting features in forms
  • Enter comments in in forms
  • Use the app in Japanese, in addition to English and German

2105 cloud – May 5, 2021

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  • Streamlined and improved Release of Universal Journals pre-validation analysis
  • Integrate group reporting with accounting data in SAP ERP Central Component
  • Improved Equity Pickup automation
  • Integrate data from remote systems into the intercompany matching and reconciliation (ICMR) process
  • Support for the “compound” type in total data validation rules to enhance data validation capabilities with more-complex rules
  • New tile/report to compare group manual journal entries, and check that group-depending entries posted on a consolidation group are also posted to other groups
  • New analytics query views for comparative reports on old and new reporting logic, and database listing in group data analysis app
  • More flexibility on customer-specific configuration with new self-service configurations

SAP Group Reporting Data Collection – April 2, 2021

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  • How to import data from SAP ECC in SAP S/4HANA for group reporting
  • New public API which supports additional fields, such as transaction types, to improve mapping with ACDOCA
  • Updated pre-delivered forms including their guidelines

2020 FPS1 on premise and private cloud – February 24, 2021

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  • Equity Pickup Automation
  • Load data from any external system
  • New form designer for manual data collection
  • Consolidate with multiple group currencies
  • Multiple data collection tasks in the data monitor
  • Consolidation of investments processing fields in manual posting
  • Enhanced consolidation master data
  • Substitution and validation functionalities embedded in flexible upload

2102 cloud – February 3, 2021

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  • Automate equity pickups
  • Benefit from strengthened data mapping capabilities
  • Apply sign change for Financial Statement items
  • Use an improved “Define Selections” app
  • Leverage multiple group currencies and custom fields in the “Import Group Journal Entries” app

Previous releases

Would you like to be informed of the latest news on our next-gen consolidation software, join our SAP S/4HANA for group reporting community.


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