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SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment – Release 2005

It is hard to believe that – since my last blog post about ABAP environment release 2002 – another three months have passed already. Obviously, these months have not been the easiest for many of us, so this time it is especially impressive that our development teams have again been able to deliver a long list of new features as part of release 2005 last weekend. As always, please refer to our official release notes for the full list of features with detailed descriptions.

Following list provides an easy-to-read overview:

Flexible Sizing Options

ABAP environment now supports flexible sizing, replacing the single “16 GB Runtime and 64 GB HANA” service plan. Please refer to my dedicated blog post for more details and information.

Data Center Coverage

In addition to the locations we have covered already, ABAP environment now supports data center location Japan (Tokyo) on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

ABAP Language

  • New capability to serialize and deserialize ABAP objects via transformation ID
  • Support for calling ABAP methods within XSLT and ST in the same software component

ABAP Development Tools

  • Support for quick fixes to adjust database tables after incompatible field changes (see details)
  • Support for creation of proxies for remote Web services via service consumption model (see details)
  • The Knowledge Transfer Document Editor now allows linking to development objects and their elements
  • Support for displaying and searching real business usernames in the tools (e.g. Runtime Error viewer, Transport Organizer view, etc.)
  • Support for different colors in the ABAP Compare viewer to increase transparency where text has been added, removed or modified

ABAP RESTful Programming Model

  • Support for own locking logic in managed business objects (see details)
  • Support for definition of read-only associations in projection views
  • Option to enable or disable “create by association” operation dynamically, implemented via method FOR FEATURES in the behavior pool (see details)
  • Support of client-independent database tables by RAP business object runtime (see details)
  • Support for syntax “dependent by _Association” for lock, ETag and authorization dependent entities (see details)

Reuse Services

  • Support for starting and managing SAP CP Workflows via API (see details)
  • Support for scheduling, cancelling, deleting and status retrieval of application jobs via ABAP API CL_APJ_RT_API
  • Introduction of the XCO library with support for APIs that generate development objects (available via feature request)


  • Support for additional business catalogues that allow assignment of transport authorizations independent from developer authorizations (see details)
  • Support for creation of business role templates with business catalogue assignments via ADT that can be used via the respective Fiori app (see details)
  • New Fiori app to maintain business configurations (available via feature request)

Lifecycle Management

  • New API to create and checkout branches on a Git repository (see details)
  • New CI/CD capabilities with REST service that can trigger ATC check runs

Custom Code Migration

  • Support for downloading SAP S/4HANA custom code check results as .zip to import them into the SAP Readiness Check for SAP S/4HANA


Hopefully you were able to enjoy my quick overview. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to let me know and I will be happy to help. Stay healthy and take care!

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