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Linking Workflow Task ( SBWP Inbox) to Fiori Inbox

Purpose : Ideally workflow task reside in SAP business workplace inbox( SBWP).Sometimes we need the workflow task to be visible in Fiori Inbox.


Below config is needed to send custom workflow task to FIori Inbox


1.Maintain Task Names and Decision Options — WF and Task

View Cluster:  /IWWRK/VC_WF_STEP

IMG Path: Sap NetWeaver-> SAP Gateway Service Enablement->Content-> Workflow Setting->Maintain Task and Decision Option

Maintain  Workflow  ID  and Step Number


Then we can maintain decision key which we can maintain outcome example Approve or Reject


  1. Scenario Definition


View Cluster :/ IWPGW/VC_TGW_SC

IMG Path: Sap NetWeaver-> SAP Gateway Service Enablement->Task Gateway->Task Gateway Service->Scenario Definition


Create new scenario and enter Service as /IWPGW/TASKPROCESSING



Fiori Inbox


Conclusion : Existing Workflow task can be send to Fiori inbox via Above mention Config without any development in Front end.


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  • Hi,

    this is only part of the process and scenario definition is not 1:1 relation...after the here described 1st step, only an option.

    End to end guide:

    One additional comment: maintaining the decision options approve/reject is only for the button availability which will work only for decision step workflow otherwise /IWWRK/BADI_WF_BEFORE_UPD_IB implementation is needed. Please correct the content, because in the current way contains misleading information.


    Best Regards


  • Hello Payel,


    I tried the configuration as my requirement is to display the email step of WF which is showing in Read/Unread Documents in SBWP t-code but not in My Inbox fiori App.

    But this configuration is not working. I am not able to see the configured step on WF in My Inbox fiori App.


    Can you please help/guide me?