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Time-Dependent Tax (TDT)

Time-Dependent Tax (TDT) is a new functionality that enables customers to create and maintain VAT tax code changes by themselves. Once the TDT functionality is rolled out for a country/region, all the existing customers of that country/region must activate TDT in order to maintain, change or create VAT tax codes. The VAT tax codes for these countries/regions can no longer be created or changed with the help of SAP Expert Configuration team.

For more information about TDT, please refer to this document.

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  • Thanks for sharing! Additionally refer as well for configuring taxes and more info...

    • Hi Remus,

      In countries/regions where time-dependent tax calculation is active, tax codes and tax rates delivered by SAP are standard reference content. After initial activation of TDT, no new tax code is allowed to be shipped to the relevant customers with content. If a customer needs to create a new tax code, it has to migrate to TDT first, and then do the configuration via configuration steps (aka SSCUI) 101016, 100297, 103188/103011. For more details, please refer to this guide.

      Hope this answers your question. 🙂