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Data Model of SAP Marketing Cloud/On-Premise

Do you find SAP Marketing Cloud/On-premise data model complicated? if yes, not any more…

Hello everyone,

When I started working with SAP Marketing, it was difficult to understand the data model at the back. It is never easy to build a good understanding of the product without a good understanding of the data model.

In this blog, I will show you the SAP Marketing data model which includes significant marketing entities and their relationships. This data model will help in composing custom business objects, form relationships, developing custom CDS/HANA views, standard calculation view extension, identifying & realize issues, data validation etc.

In the attached model, I have tried to show a 360 view of significant SAP Marketing entities.

The data model tries to reveal:

  • Business entity/table relations
  • Cardinality for the relationship
  • Connections
  • Field significance


As the data model file size is greater than 1.5 MB, I have to upload high-quality image to my Dropbox.

Please access the high-quality image of SAP Marketing Data Model using this link.


Happy Learning!

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