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CPI Partner Directory Postman Collection

As I mentioned in the last blog post I have prepared a Postman collection that is easy to use with CSRF and multiple tenants.

Installation & Configuration

Download environment and collection files from the GitHub repo.

Importing the Common Environment Template

Click the environment settings button:

Click import, choose the environment file “cpi-tenant-template.postman_environment.json” and import.

Click on the “CPI Tenant Template” environment:

Enter the values for your tenant. You should create an environment for each tenant. Note the tenant URL format:

Choose your specific tenant environment:


Importing the Collection

Click the import button and choose the collection file “cpi-partner-directory.postman_collection.json”


You should see the collection on the left pane now. Let’s start with Get CSRF request:


Click “Send”. If you configured everything correctly, you should see the HTTP 200 success header. CSRF is saved for the following requests.

As an example, you can create an Alternative Partner using “Create Alternative Partner” request:

Congratulations! Now you can see the partner with below requests or using Partner Directory UI


Coupled with SuperEasy Partner Directory UI this collection has vastly improved our workflow. I hope it will be also useful for you.

The GitHub repository is open to contribution. You can create issues or pull requests for Partner Directory APIs or other APIs.

Thanks for reading & see you in the next posts!

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  • Hi Fatih Pense ,


    Thanks for sharing article. I am successfully able to GET CSRF.

    However, I need more knowledge on next service of CREATE PARTNER.

    What exactly we are creating it here? Can I see that on CPI tenant?

    Please help to understand these services from the collection.



  • Hi Fatih,

    great blog, thanks a lot, this definitely helps in working with the partner directory when setting up your integration scenarios (not only) for the b2b use case.

    What a coincident, we were actually working on partner directory guidelines in parallel as well, those will be published soon incl. integration flow examples as part of our integration flow guidelines, our package is currently in review, once available it will be accessible from here where all other guidelines are described that we have published so far incl. patterns

    So stay tuned

    Thanks and Regards


    • Hi Alexander,

      I’m glad you find it useful. That means a lot, coming from you.

      A new guideline is a great news. I have just read the “Apply Message-Level Security” design guideline, and I love how they are informative and teach concepts well beyond CPI.

      You can use/modify/republish the Postman collection as it is already MIT licensed. Other than that feel free to guide me if I can contribute to any of the efforts.

      Best regards,