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SAP Data Intelligence, trial edition 3.0

At the end of March 2020 we announced the delivery of SAP Data Intelligence 3.0, the successor to SAP Data Hub which converges the name and feature parity with SAP Data Intelligence Cloud Edition. This week we are excited to announce the new trial edition based on SAP Data Intelligence 3.0 On-Premise Edition.

SAP Data Intelligence Trial Edition includes features for Data Pipelines, Data Workflows, Data Governance as well as Automated Machine Learning (AutoML). The machine learning foundation lets you automate the creation of complex machine learning pipelines with intuitive tools like the Jupyter notebook for configuring machine learning artifacts

SAP Data Intelligence, trial edition 3.0

SAP Data Intelligence, trial edition is a complete deployment of SAP Data Intelligence 3.0 on-premise edition for trial and evaluation purposes. It is available on Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure and is brought to you through SAP Cloud Appliance Library and comes included with tutorials at the SAP Developer Community.

With the trial edition, you can use all features of SAP Data Intelligence for 30 days. You are not charged for the usage of SAP Data Intelligence, trial edition. You only need to cover the expenses of the cloud infrastructure of your choice.

The trial Instance comes pre-configured with the following connections:

  • An S3, Google Cloud Storage or Azure Data Lake storage connection (Depending on your chosen cloud platform)
  • Smart Data Lake (SDL) connection for use with Machine Learning scenarios
  • A local Vora database connection
  • A local HANA database connection
    • This connects to a local containerized SAP HANA database for training purposes only.
    • The licensed edition of SAP Data Intelligence will require a standalone SAP HANA database to be installed separately, if required.

The following two diagrams provides a high level overview of the SAP Data Intelligence, trial edition and the new Machine Learning foundation. Each of these components are described in our official documentation.


How to get started?

To get your hands on at SAP Data Intelligence, trial edition, you need to first have a cloud account with Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. Afterwards you can deploy the trial edition through SAP Cloud Appliance Library and by following the Getting Started guide.

Once your cluster is up and running there are a several tutorials which can familiarize you with the features of the trial edition which you can find at

We would be happy to see you blogging about the scenarios that you build on top of the trial edition.

If you have questions, problems or proposals, feel free to post them as comments to this blog, or to the SAP Community at

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    • Thanks for pointing that typo!

      There are currently no plans to offer a trial for the SAP Data Intelligence Cloud Edition which is the product hosted on SAP Cloud Platform.

  • Hello, Dimitri.


    Thank you for effort and guide

    It helped me a lot.


    As I mentioned, I am trying to install SAP DI3 on GKE

    and solved the problem about GCR as you guided

    (--scopes ""  is need in gcloud option when creating GKE.

    GKE shouldn't be created on the webpage.

    This gcloud command to create GKE needs to be executed on cloud shell terminal)


    And I have two question


    slcb execute --useStackXML MP_Stack_xxxx.xml

    There it says, about proxy settings

    Should I configure proxy settings when I install DI on GKE?


    Also, what is the IP address or host address to run DI Launchpad?


    Thank you and have a great weekend



  • Hi  Dimitri Vorobiev,

    I wanted to know how many EBS volumes are created when SAP DI instance 3.0 from CAL trail is created on AWS.

    I saw 7 EBS volumes created all having close times of I/O access. Approximately cost / hr might be more if all are used at that rate on average. Is the  I/O during setup or activation more.

    I got this alert and saw 7 EBS volumes are created. I terminated the instance and want to recreate it but want to make sure how many are created.

    2 million I/Os of Amazon Elastic Block Storage(with EBS Magnetic)

    Is the i/O high during initial activation more.


    Best regards,


  • Dear Dimitri Vorobiev

    Thank you very much for the blog.

    We managed to create an instance using my GCP(Google) account(paid)and able to work on the system through RDP as an administrator.

    Now, we would like our team members to work on the same instance to create a POC, as we have a Data scientist, ML Engineer, IOT specialist and a SAP DI Administrator (my self) required to complete an end-to-end project/POC.

    So, is it possible for multiple users login at same time on SAP DI trial account. I have read that we can create multiple users on same Trial account and give access, but not seen if it can be concurrent.

    FYI, I added a user following the below help pages, but no luck.

    Only user user is able to logon to the RDP session and if other user logins at the same time the RDP session terminates the first user.  Am I missing something or concurrent sessions are not possible on trial account. or de we need a separate service account for each user from GCP configured in SAP CAL and separate JSON file for authentication.


    STEPS followed:

    (1) Applying for a User of SAP Cloud Appliance Library :  using below link

    (2) Editing an Account : using the below link

    Thank you very much for your time and hope you can help us with our dream initiative using this very promising and fabulous product, SAP DI 3.0.


    kind regards,

    Chitra T

    • Hello Chitra, you make a good point, while SAP Data Intelligence itself supports logging in with the same user the Microsoft Windows RDP does not.

      To workaround this problem you should follow the instructions in section 3.5.2 of the Getting Started guide:

  • Dear Dimitri Vorobiev,

    Thank you very much for your help.

    FYI, I tried the steps mentioned but still not able to connect.

    I checking again and again and trying to find if I have missed anything, I will post here once I succeed and my finding on what I have missed.


    Chitra T