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Credit Management Payment Behavior Update (Sales order is getting credit block) and How to Use Fiori App “Schedule Credit Management Jobs”

In this blog post you will get to know about Issues related Credit Management Payment Behavior Update (Sales order is getting credit block, due Open item from xx no of days etc.) and How to Use Fiori App “Schedule Credit Management Jobs”

Usually in sales process where in a payment received is updated in system than too it is not updated in credit management immediately, it is observed this as very common issues faced by many customers even on-premise as well.

Ø Sales Orders getting Credit Blocks

Ø How to Use Fiori App app “Schedule Credit Management Jobs”

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SAP S/4HANA Cloud Release


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Business Users, Key Users, Consultants

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What is Credit Management

Basic Credit Management supports your company in the early determination of the risk of losses on receivables from your business partners and supports you in making credit decisions.

Basic Credit Management checks the exposure against the current credit limit , also perform other checks, such as oldest open item, maximum dunning level, or last payment.

Business benefit

· Faster resolution of credit check issue helps in speed-up and streamline of organization process.

· Updates payments in credit management

· Carry out credit check with check for open items

· Updates the correct Factsheet of Customer

· Reduces the risk of financial losses and helps you to optimize business relationships

Issue Details

Problem: Sales Orders getting Credit Blocks – Clearing document is not transferred to FSCM, results in credit check fail- Open item from xx no of days

At the time of clearing the details are updated in table UKM_TRANSFER_ARV and then data is transferred to FSCM

Usually in sales process where in credit management is active and checks Oldest Open Item, Highest Dunning Level, Last payment, figures for relevant credit segment in FSCM. (configuration ID – 102623).

Credit management checks these key figures updated against the rule and credit check is updated for all the BP (Business partner), which in turn block the sales document.


Sales order created performs the credit check when saving the sales document (order/delivery), credit management checks the payment key figures as example oldest open item and calculates the open no of days and updates the credit.

Payment received and clearing is updated in system than too it is not updated in credit management, usually in standard this is updated once in a day and not immediately, results into sales document credit block

Use the app “Schedule Credit Management Jobs” for such document to update credit check or schedule the job at fixed frequency(can be decided on business requirement example every 3/4 hours), thus once the job is executed , it will automatically update all such records and avoid unnecessary credit blocks

Problem: how to use the app Schedule Credit Management Jobs

Solution: Steps how to use the app Schedule Credit Management Jobs and schedule the job.

Select the Job template as Send Delta of Payment Behavior Summary

Define the scheduling parameters as required

Example scheduled for every 4 hours for payment behavior update

Define parameters

Further conditions can be filtered, example for customers

Finally click on Schedule, results in updated payment behavior of required customers at requested frequency automatically via Job and log can be check if required.

Similarly, another job Templates can be selected and scheduled or run immediately as required.

Job template as “Check Credit on SD Documents” – Can be used for update credit check of selected sales document

Update the parameters and schedule the same

Similarly, others can be selected as well

Job template as “Assign Credit Management role to Business Partner” – Can be used for Assigning credit management role to all Business Partner.

Job template as “Update External Credit Information” – Can be used for updating external credit information to Business Partner.

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