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Auto Re-Adjustment of CCM Jobs in SAP Process Control

Business Use Case: Continuous Control Monitoring in SAP Process Control allows to monitor complex SAP and Non SAP systems using scheduled Jobs which run at defined date and time. This provided great flexibility to plan and execute the monitoring tasks and meet compliance challenges with less manual efforts.

However, as we know there are planned system upgrades to target system which makes system unavailable during certain time and if GRC System has already scheduled Jobs which are suppose to run during that downtime then these Jobs are going to fail due to broken Communication with Target System.


In order to address this problem and our commitment to keep reducing TCO for CCM Jobs, the newly developed feature will facilitate the adjustment of New and Existing Jobs, as a result the Jobs will continue to run when the System is available post downtime.

Release Information : The feature will be available for GRC 12.0 Customers SP09 onward. However customers on lower SP can implement note 2889719 to use the feature.

Solution Overview and Benefits

A New Application to maintain Planned downtime(s) per connector. Silent features of the new functionality


  • Application will provide interface to maintain “downtime schedule” for desired CCM Connector.

Default link is Provided at Rule Setup -> Scheduling


  • Only Active down times will be considered to adjust the Scheduled/New CCM Jobs
  • User will have to either run the Report GRFN_AM_MODIFY_JOB_EXECUTION or click the button  (Adjust Monitoring Jobs) to adjust the existing Jobs. New Jobs will be auto re-adjusted.
  • Report will adjust multiple CCM Jobs after searching all the active downtimes for different connectors, report can also be scheduled to run in background to avoid manual re-adjustment every time a downtime is planned.
  • Two additional status, Downtime Started and Downtime Complete are calculated at the run time based on comparison of downtime dates and system dates
  • Date and time are system time for GRC System
  • SLG Logs (transaction SLG1) to see logs
  • Information of Modified Jobs ( All Modified Jobs for Selected period and Adjusted Jobs for a Particular Connector )
  • Information about Old/New Execution dates in Job Monitor
  • Downtimes can be planned as latest as 5 minutes before planned downtime Start time
  • System Up time Can be extended/Reduced if required
  • Authorization is same as Current Job Scheduling/ Power User

UI Validations and Constraints


Button/UI Element                      Usage Validations/Constraint
Create    Allows to create a new downtime schedule

-Authorization AM_JOBP Change

-Only one downtime for one start date , end date and one connector

-Support only System date and time format

-Should not be later than current date/time – 5 minutes

Modify     Allows to Modify an existing downtime

-Authorization AM_JOBP Change

-Only one downtime for one start date and one connector

-Support only System date and time format

-Modification allowed only until system date time – 5 minutes

– Button Adjust Monitoring Jobs must be clicked to adjust/re-adjust the Jobs

Delete Allows to delete unnecessary Down times

-If a downtime has been used to adjust CCM Jobs then it can not be deleted

-In all other cases it can be deleted, irrespective of downtime status

Extend Downtime Allows to Extend an ongoing downtime

-Should be enabled only for ongoing down times

-Two fields, Downtime end date and downtime end time will only be editable.

Existing downtime can either be extended or reduced

-Should not be later than current date/time – 5 minutes

– Button Adjust Monitoring Jobs must be clicked to adjust/re-adjust the Jobs

View All Modified Jobs Display all the Jobs which are adjusted out of different down times maintained, for the selected timeframe

-Will display all the CCM Jobs which are adjusted when either the report is run or

button is clicked

-Any GRC user see the information


Show Modified Jobs Display Affected CCM Jobs only by selected downtime

-Show if there is any CCM Job which was adjusted due to selected downtime

-Any GRC user see the information

Adjust Scheduled Monitoring Jobs Allows to modify the execution date and time of already scheduled CCM Jobs -Conveniently adjust CCM Jobs only for selected downtime

Release Information

Only for 12.0

Note 2889719

CDF , Attachments Not implemented


Application Help

  • Access the application


  • Main View – Display existing down times and various operations to maintain down times



  • Create New Downtime


Once down time is started, it can be extended or reduce as required.

  • Adjusted CCM Jobs can be seen also:



This is in nutshell provided overview and usage of the new feature, Please leave your comments if you need more information.


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