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Author's profile photo Ali Chalhoub

How to update SAPUI5 component in XSA and how to uninstall SAPUI5 component if needed?

In this blog, I will walk you through the steps on how to upgrade SAPUI5 component in XSA.

To perform the update, there are few things we need to do:

  1. Make sure your VM or system is backed up in case a recovery is required
  2. Find out the version of the SAPUI5 version installed in the system
  3. Download SAPUI5 version that you need to upgrade to
  4. Finally performing the upgrade
  5. Last point is how to uninstall the existing version of SAPUI5 if needed

Locating the version of SAPUI5

  1. On your Linux terminal, execute this command:
    su - <SID>admin
  2. Execute xs login ( Assuming HANA DB is running)
  3. Enter your Admin ID, ( i.e: XSA_ADMIN)
  4. Enter your password
  5. Select “SAP” space if asked
  6. Issue:
    xs mtas

Check the version of

Downloading SAPUI5

To download the latest supported SAPUI5 version for XSA, do the following:

  1. Access this SAP Note:
  2. Scroll down until you see the zip file
  3. Click on the download button to download the SAPUI5 version


Performing the upgrade:

  1. Login to XSA if not already logged in. Please refer to the previous section on how to login to XSA
  2. Issue this command:
    xs install <PATH-FILENAME-TO-ZIP-FILE>
    1. <PATH-FILENAME-TO-ZIP-FILE>: This is the location of the latest version of SAPUI5 that is supported in XSA which got downloaded from the previous section
  3. Once the installation is successful, issue this command again xs mtas and confirm the updated version of SAPUI5:

Uninstall the existing version of SAPUI5 if needed

Note: When uninstalling SAPUI5, be aware that your application will no longer work. This section here is just to show you how you can uninstall the component if it is needed.

To uninstall SAPUI5 component, do the following:

  1. Login to XSA. For more information, refer to the previous section that shows how to connect
  2. Issue this command:
    xs mtas
  3. Find the service name of the SAPUI5. In our example in step 2, the SAPUI5 name is “XSAC_UI5_FESV5”
  4. Issue this command:
    xs uninstall <SERVICENAME> --delete-services
  5. That should remove it


For more information about how to work with XSA component, please refer to the following documentation:


  • Any issues related to SAPUI5 itself should be handled by the SAPUI5 team. Root component
  • Any issue related to the update of the SAPUI5 within XSA, should be logged under

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      Author's profile photo Gunter Albrecht
      Gunter Albrecht

      Very useful article. I would like to add: You can only upgrade your XSA if there is a note released which provides the according mta-archive to update or create the UI5 service. At the time of writing these are:

      • 2877294 - SAPUI5 1.71 XSA upgrade/installation
      • 2727663 - SAPUI5 1.60 XSA upgrade/installation
      • ... older versions below 1.60

      Therefore: You can upgrade to 1.71 for the moment. That can change once a new note is released. Also, note 1.71 establishes a new service

      Keep in mind to update the service bindings from v5 to v6 in your mta.yaml to the new service plan.

      Author's profile photo Ali Chalhoub
      Ali Chalhoub
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you for the update!!!

      Author's profile photo Kevin Balboni
      Kevin Balboni

      Hello Gunter Albrecht,

      Are there any new notes already available for installing newer SAPUI5 versions on the XSA? If not, is there a roadmap on this?

      Thank you

      Author's profile photo Gunter Albrecht
      Gunter Albrecht

      Hi Kevin Balboni

      I'm not aware of that. Maybe you could open a message to SAP referring to above note and ask for it? If you have a finding it would be nice if you share it in this thread for others.

      Kind regards!

      Author's profile photo Kevin Balboni
      Kevin Balboni

      Hello Gunter Albrecht,

      I found this interesting chat.

      A new request inside Customer Influence has been opened.

      Hoping to have interesting news soon!

      Author's profile photo Gunter Albrecht
      Gunter Albrecht

      Good one, I hope it will be picked up. I believe you can also vote for this request! I can't vote as I'm biased 😄

      Author's profile photo Satheesh Elangovan
      Satheesh Elangovan

      Very detailed blog....thanks for the information