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Author's profile photo Ratul Chakraborty2

Customizing migration templates using Migration Object Modeler(LTMOM) – Vendor Master data

In this blog I will discuss on how to customize Migration Cockpit (Transaction – LTMC) using LTMOM. LTMC and LTMOM are the two latest transaction codes for data migration, introduced as part of S/4 HANA.

As per standard SAP, migration templates are already available for download for each migration objects in LTMC. However, most of the time, those templates do not cover all the fields required for data migration to S/4 HANA. SAP has provided options to customize those templates and the migration cockpit program to cater specific requirements for different customers.

Here we will discuss on customizing the Supplier Master using LTMOM. External BP number (BUT000-BPEXT) is not available currently in the General data tab of the standard SAP template. We will add a new column in the data load template. Here are the steps:

Before using LTMOM, the project must be created in LTMC.


Open the same project in LTMOM and double click on the Source Structures. This will show you the list of fields already added in the migration template. All of them may not be visible in the template.



The fields are made visible or mandatory based on the settings on this particular screen. Display View can be seen by clicking on the Display View drop-down.

Go back to Display structure view. Add the new field at a position as per your requirement. We have added BPEXT at the very last of the template.

The position of the row can be adjusted using the Up/Down arrow in the toolbar.

We have added the new field in the template. Next, the field needs to be mapped to a target structure and a target field. Double click on Structure Mapping. As we have added the field in General data tab, the source structure (General data) is already mapped to BP General Data.

Now, we have to map BPEXT to a target field. Go to Field Mapping and search for the relevant field. In our case, the field is Business Partner number in External system under the structure BP General Data.

So, on the left hand side we have the Source field External BP Number and on the right hand side we have Business Partner Number in External System. Just drag the source field and drop on the target field on the right hand side. Once the mapping is completed successfully, the color of the icon changes to Green.

Once the mapping is complete, we have to regenerate the Run-time object. SAP will modify the data migration program in back ground as per the new changes done in LTMOM.

When the run time object is created successfully, the new template is ready to be downloaded and processed via LTMC. These changes are client dependent. If we run LTMC from a different client, LTMC will throw a run time error and data load will fail completely.

I hope this helps.




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      Author's profile photo Daniela Turcanu
      Daniela Turcanu

      Hello Ratul,

      If a new field is added in LTMOM  - as you showed in this blog,  and mapped via drag and drop, do you get automatically the mapping file visible in LTMC?

      Thank you in advance,


      Author's profile photo Ratul Chakraborty2
      Ratul Chakraborty2
      Blog Post Author


      Yes, you are right. Once you save and activate in LTMOM, the new template will be automatically available in LTMC for you to download




      Author's profile photo Daniela Turcanu
      Daniela Turcanu

      Thank you Ratul!


      But what about mapping file to be available for download/upload?

      I cannot find it in LTMC, but my new field I can see it in the template.

      I would like now to be able to download file mapping and use it.

      Thank you again!


      Author's profile photo Ratul Chakraborty2
      Ratul Chakraborty2
      Blog Post Author

      I'm not sure if you can download the mapping file

      Author's profile photo Daniela Turcanu
      Daniela Turcanu

      Ok, thank you so much for your time and answers!

      Have a nice day, Ratul!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Ratul,

      May I know where did you map the address data in the General Data section?

      I believe the Additional Addresses section in the source structure is mapped to the External Interface: Data for Creating an Address section in the target structure.

      Can't seem to find any other address fields in the target structure.