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How to achieve average score calculation for quarterly Performance reviews?

Aiming to leverage successfully to build the experiences drive as SAP SuccessFactors consultant, it’s my passion for exploring various areas led to this blog post.

My key SuccessFactors focus areas are – Performance, career, and succession. I have been involved with many SuccessFactors implementations and one of the evergreen challenge about average score calculations in Performance forms.
In this blog post, I want to explain a workaround for this challenge in the Performance Management module in SAP SuccessFactors.
Business Use-case:
The client wants to run Quarterly Performance reviews for employees, seeking output as an average of all performance ratings in Employee Profile.
In brief client wants 4 forms a year (quarterly form) with overall rating in each of them. In the year end, they want to display the average of each performance form overall ratings (Q1+Q2+Q3+Q4 / 4) for the entire year in Employee Profile.
What would be covered:
● Creation of outbound Integrations to SFTP.
● Creation of inbound Integration to SF using Integration center.
What is not covered/missing:
● Creation of PM Templates.
● Creation of MDF Object &Portlet
● Creation of Adhoc report.
● Business rule to calculate average in MDF Portlet.
● How to enable Integration Center from the Upgrade center.
● How to grant user permission to access the Integration center.
● Integration center
● Performance Templates
● Employee Central

The process to achieve the above-mentioned business use case:

  1. Create a cross-domain Adhoc report which contains form start date, Subject User ID, Performance Template Name, Overall Performance rating and schedules this report to SFTP.
  2. Configure MDF Object &Portlet and assign permission to view this in Employee Profile. Assign business rule to calculate the average rating.
  3. Configure inbound integrations using Integration Center and mapped source fields with target MDF Portlet fields.

Please ensure all 4 Performance Forms (Q1, Q2, and Q3&Q4) are rated and completed

Step 1:
Build a Cross-domain Adhoc report which populates the required fields to SFTP and schedule it. By using filters, I filtered Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 templates and selected below fields:
⮚ Form Start Date
⮚ Form Template Name
⮚ User ID
⮚ Overall Performance rating
Output of report:

To schedule:
Report -Action – New Schedule – Provide SFTP details – Save& Submit.Once you provide Host name & Login and Password details. I recommend clicking on “Test Connections” to verify a successful connection between SFTP and SF.
File path: Provide file path to store in SFTP.
File name: Report name should match with “File name prefix” with source settings in the inbound integration center.

Step 2:
Configured MDF Object & Portlet in Configure Object Definitions & Manage Configuration UI with below fields and provided Permission to view in Employee Profile.

To assign business rule:
Configured below business rule to calculate average rating and assigned to object at both ONSAVE & ONCHANGE.

Step 3:
Configured inbound integrations using Integration Center and mapped Source SFTP report fields to target MDF Portlet fields.
I. Search and Select the ‘Integration Center’ in the Tools search. You would be redirected to the Integration Center Landing Page. Select ‘My Integration’

II. On My Integrations page, click on Create and select scheduled CSV Input Integrations.

  • Selecting the right Entity is important for integration built with Integration Center. Since we are sending data to MDF Portlet, we will select entity MDF portlet and click on Next.
  • This entity contains all the fields which we created in configure objective definition.

III. Provide Integration Name & Description and description is optional.

Configuration Fields:
IV. Configuration fields Tab helps to map fields from Source (SFTP) to target MDF Portlets.

  • Upload sample CSV File which matches the report in SFTP.

  • Click on Switch to Field Mapping View and Map Uploaded sample CSV Fields with MDF Portlet as shown below.

  • Click on Switch to File import Test view and hit on Run Preview Records and to see Run result status. Once we get a tick mark, it means no errors in field mapping

Source Settings:
Provide SFTP login details in Source settings and click on next.
SFTP Server Host Address: URL of SFTP
Port: 22
File Name Prefix:  The File name should match with the SFTP File name.
File format: always CSV
File Folder: Path to pick report

Here we define the schedule of this inbound integration at once /Daily/ weekly / Monthly/ Yearly.
You can define the scheduling parameters i.e. how frequently the file will be run. Don’t forget to click on the ‘Save’ icon before clicking ‘Next’. To meet our business case, we need to choose yearly.

Review & Run:
In Review & Run tab, before you submit the job please review the details in the last step as shown below and click on Set Schedule to see instant output click on Run Now.

Step 4:
To see output access it through employee files – MDF Portlet and map this same portlet in Performance Template to access it directly from Performance form Page for users.

Final output in employee profile:

Professional certified consultant – PMGM|CDP|SP|ISC

In case if you need further information, please refer to these resources:

MDF Portlet:

Cross Domain  report:

Integration center :

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      Author's profile photo Faisal Iqbal
      Faisal Iqbal

      Hi venkatakrishna thogara ,

      Thanks for sharing your learning with the SAP Community. As there are many ways to solve a particular business problem through SAP Solutions, it's always good to learn from the experience of others. You have taken a very good step to narrate your findings in form of a blog. Well-done!

      Looking forward to learn more from you,


      Author's profile photo venkatakrishna thogara
      venkatakrishna thogara
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks a lot Faisal Iqbal

      Author's profile photo Marwa Azab
      Marwa Azab

      Hi , venkatakrishna 

      Could you send me your mail ?

      Author's profile photo venkatakrishna thogara
      venkatakrishna thogara
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Marwa Azab ,

      Reach me on



      Author's profile photo Seema Asnani
      Seema Asnani



      Could you pls explain what is sftp is sftp login details and how to get it ?




      Author's profile photo Shreekanya Sagar Dasari
      Shreekanya Sagar Dasari

      Hi venkatakrishna thogara ,


      The blog is very informative and it is useful for my current requirement but i am stuck at repot.

      Where i am able to built it but the values are shown in rows not in columns.

      Given link for report is not working .

      Can you suggest here.


      Thank you.