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Defining Prompt values while creating or editing Schedule Publications in SAP Analytics Cloud

Starting wave 2020.07, while creating and editing schedule, user will have an option to define prompt values for a given publication.

When a story is created on model with variables, while viewing the story, user will have an option to edit the value for the variables and the story will be populated with the data with the selected values. Since schedule is background job, variable values should be provided during create/edit workflow and the same value should be used during Schedule run-time.

Essentially, as a Scheduler, I want to deliver story content to sales team with data for their respective regions. While creating a schedule, I will create a publication for each region and select the prompt value in each publication for the respective region. This will ensure, when the schedule runs each region sales team gets their filtered copy of the data.


I have a Story which is created on two models and both has variables, while viewing story I can select the models and define the value(s) for it

While creating a schedule publication, I will have an option to define variables values for each model in my publication using edit prompt

I will create two Publications, one for California and another for Nevada sales team. I will select the model Regional sales and select the respective variable values in the publication

In California Publications, value for Region = California

In Nevada Publications, value for Region = Nevada

There is another model with name Sales data in the story, this model has prompt values for the products. I will not change the value for this model prompt in the publications. This means, it will always respect the default values set at the story side. Basically, during schedule run-time, it will check the default value updated in the story and uses same value to generate the story data during schedule run-time.

During schedule run-time, each of the publication will consider the variable value set in the respective publication and generate story with the respective variable values.



  • If the Model is created on connection which is based on Basic authentication (username and password), then while creating and editing schedule it will prompt for user name and password of connections similar to the way it prompts during story view time. If the password is not provided correctly then the user will not be allowed to change the prompt values


  • Defining BW Dynamic Filters during schedule time is not supported right now, hence if the model has BW dynamic filter type then edit prompt is not possible during schedule create/edit time, it will always respect the value set in the story for that model.

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