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[CPI] Working on Multiple CPI Tenants – Do Not Lose the Overview with ConVista CPI Helper

Hi Integrators,

hands up who accidentally worked on a productive tenant instead of the dev tenant in SAP Cloud Platform Integration? Or you are a consultant with more than one customer and you searched for a Integration Flow at the wrong customer tenant?

On a good day, my tabbar in Chrome Browser looks like this:

Actually, these are three different tenants.

Two hours later:

Still three different tenants but with more tabs per tenant. Also with some help pages.

Unfortunately, usability is not on the roadmap of SAP Cloud Platform Integration but thanks to a contribution from Ivo Vermeer, we have a great new feature to customize the icons and names of the CPI tenants in ConVista CPI Helper. This is released with version 1.2

If you do not know the CPI Helper, it is an open source Chrome Browser plug-in that extends the Cloud Platform Integration with some cool new features that helps you during development of Integration Flows. It brings you a button to activate trace and it lets you view trace messages directly in the Integration Flow Designer. If you want to know more, you can read my blog posts (here, here and here). You can add it to Chrome Browser with two clicks:



And finally to show you some pictures and get a bit color in CPI development:

You can make these settings when you click on the CPI Helper icon in the right corner of your Chrome Browser.








I hope you like this feature and I am looking forward to see which colors you are using in the comments.

The CPI Helper is free and open source. So if you want to contribute with new features, visit the GitHub page.

Best regards


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  • Hello Dominic,

    It is a very nice improvement. Using colors really helps our brain to do its job 🙂 Thank you and the contributors!

    Best regards,

  • Hi Dominic,

    How to open multiple tenants on chrome at same time which are having different credentials? Suppose I have one CPI tenant open with a S user id and now if I try to open a different CPI tenant with different credential then it gives error HTTP 403 forbidden without asking credential as it takes previous credential automatically.

    Thank you !!

    Om Heerani

    • Hi,

      you mean in general? Because my plugin should not have any problems with it. If you are using different S-User, you need to use privacy mode for your second tenant. I do not think there is another possibility.

      • Hello Dominic,


        yes.. I was asking In general how to access two tenants at same time with chrome, its not related to plugin. Even I dont find another possibility apart from using Privacy mode option. Thank you.