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SAP Commissions [Rest API] > Part 4 – How to call RestAPI v2 through Postman


Hi All,

Welcome to part 4 of this blog series that covers how to call RestAPI through PostMan. To understand how this call is been made with user access having Rest API role

please look into the first two parts of this series.

Part 1:  How to create RestAPI role from SAP Commissions Portal

Part 2:  How to assign RestAPI role to a user 

Part 3:  SAP Commission API Documentation Portal 

Part 4:  How to call RestAPI v2 through Postman  


In this blog, we explain the possibilities of how to authenticate, consume Auth token and other endpoints

Pre-requisites to initiate 

  • SAP Commission Tenant
  • Rest API Role Configured
  • User Assigned with API role
  • Postman
  • Auth token to call other endpoints

List of API call methods available in Postman:

Fig 1: List of Methods

Step 1: Now, We will initiate the call to get the Auth Token

Request Method: POST

Request URL: https://<tenantid>

Refer below Fig2. User should update username and Password

Fig 2 User Authorization

Step 2:   We will have to update the JSON payload in Body tab ( as shown in Fig 3)

    "username": "ABCDEFH",
    "password": "Password"

Fig 3: JSON Payload

Step 4: In below screenshot, you will verify with updated values to make a call 

Fig 4: follow the steps with a circled number to initiate a call to get the Auth token

Note:  Auth token will expire after 60mins (1hr) from the time auth token is initiated 

Now let’s make one endpoint call from referring  API Documentation(Part 3)  to see if the results are shown through retrieved auth token

Fig 5: JSON results are shown from the GET method call for Participant endpoint request URL

Conclusion:  To make RestAPI call, the user should have an API role and auth token for JSON results output. Users can make the integration between any application using above methods.

Developer/User can make use of the SAP API Business HUB for integrations as an API Management tool.

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