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SAP GUI for Windows 7.70 Beta Program – Call for participation

Update (2nd of June 2020): Thanks to all customers who applied. The list of participants is now complete. Please do not apply anymore.

Hi all,

as mentioned in SAP Note 147519 we are planning to release SAP GUI for Windows 7.70 in September 2020.

In order to let you get an impression on the new release before it is officially shipped, to receive feedback and to get into a dialog with some of you we offer a beta program for early adopters. In particular we are interested in feedback related to the new features we introduced:

  • Multi-Monitor-Scaling support: Up to release 7.60 we support scaling using the scaling settings of the primary monitor only. For other monitors we let Windows scale the SAP GUI window. This has some drawbacks for example when SAP GUI is embedded in an application which is multi-monitor scaling aware (like the SAP Business Client). See also SAP Note 2541592.

As of release 7.70 multi-monitor scaling can be activated in SAP GUI so that the issues with multiple monitor setups using different scaling settings are solved.

  • Edge (based on Chromium) as alternative browser control for use in the SAP GUI HTML Control: Up to release 7.60 the SAP GUI HTML Control always uses the Microsoft Internet Explorer Control, but nowadays Internet Explorer is no longer the default browser in many companies and has several disadvantages.

As of release 7.70 we are offering a more modern browsing experience inside SAP GUI by integrating the Microsoft WebView2 control (Edge based on Chromium) as an alternative to the Internet Explorer Control (see SAP Note 2913405 for more information).

  • 64bit versions of NWRFC controls: The SAP GUI shipment includes four controls which can be used for getting data from an SAP System without using SAP GUI: Logon Control, Function Control, BAPI Control and Table Factory Control. Up to release 7.60 these controls are only available as 32bit versions. Especially with the stronger usage of Microsoft Office 64bit editions this has become a challenge, because 32bit controls cannot be easily invoked from a 64bit process.

As of release 7.70 we offer 64bit versions (both non-Unicode as well as Unicode) of these controls which can be installed in parallel to the 32bit versions. With this, scripts using these controls can also be run from 64bit processes like Microsoft Office 64bit.

  • New visual theme “Quartz”: The successor to the Belize theme is the Quartz (Fiori 3.0) theme. For the first time we also offer a dark version of the theme that can be used by users who prefer a dark background.Here is how this presently looks:

How to join

If you are interested in participating in the beta program you can apply for registration by creating a support incident now. The incident must be created on component BC-FES-GUI with the title “7.70 beta program” and you should provide:

  • A contact person for the beta program with name, email address and S-User ID
  • An information about which of the areas mentioned above you are interested in

This data will exclusively be used for organizing the beta program.

Please note that the number of participants is limited and thus only customers who can and will actively participate in the program and are going to use one of the features above should register.

Once you are chosen, you will need to sign an online test and evaluation agreement before getting access to download the beta version of SAP GUI for Windows 7.70.

What you can expect from the program

As soon as the program starts (this is expected early in June), you will get:

  • Access to the most current version of SAP GUI for Windows 7.70 for test purposes
  • A document with additional information on the new features
  • A contact within the SAP GUI development team that you can use to provide feedback to us or ask questions you may have

Beta program for SAP Business Client 7.70

In parallel to the SAP GUI for Windows 7.70 Beta program, a beta program for SAP Business Client 7.70 is conducted. You can find more information in this blog post:

Kind regards,

Frank Krause
Product Owner SAP GUI for Windows

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  • Interesting news.

    Although not exclusively related to SAP GUI, I wonder if there is any plan to offer an (ABAP) API to get info about the theme in use?

    • Hello Shai,

      this already exists since many releases: CL_GUI_RESOURCES=>GET_THEMENAME.

      But applications should avoid using this. When a new theme is created (like Quartz in this case) the ABAP code would need to be extended so that it also covers Quartz theme names. Therefore checking for the theme name should be the last option.

      If you need to use specific colors, you can use CL_GUI_RESOURCES=>GET_FOREGROUND_COLOR and GET_BACKGROUND_COLOR.

      And if you want to check whether the Fiori features are enabled (like in S/4HANA) you can use CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES=>CHECK_UI_GUIDELINE.

      Best regards,



      • Many thanks, Frank.

        I wasn’t aware of this method.

        (It seems that older NW releases prior to 7.4 requires a manual implementation of note 1637307 – “new method GET_THEMENAME in CL_GUI_RESOURCES”.)