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Author's profile photo Kristof Schneider

SAP Business ByDesign – What’s New 20.05

SAP Business ByDesign 20.05 is now ready!

SAP Business ByDesign 20.05 is now available and the SAP Business ByDesign What’s New blog gives you an overview about the most important new features of SAP Business ByDesign 20.05.
These are the so called Focus Topics (). For these Focus Topics, additional in-depth blogs and videos are available – just click the link next to the Focus Topic in the What’s New blog.

To get an overview about all new features of SAP Business ByDesign in 20.05, please go to the What’s New document.

Financial Management

  • Strict Dual Control
    The Strict Dual Control functionality is now available for all manual postings in General Ledger and Manual Tax Entries. It ensures, that a user who created or edited a manual posting can only Save it but not Post it. The Post action must be executed by a second user (Blog).
  • Approval of Payment Reversal
    An approval process is now available for the reversal of approved payments. In case such an approved payment is reversed an approval task gets generated (Blog).
  • Sales Kits – Profitability Analysis
    The profitability analysis enables users to view the profitability on sales kit header and sales kit item, also for sales kit returns in case the sales kit items are returned to stock (Blog).
  • Mandatory fields in virtual data sources
    When using OData services and ODP for the extraction of accounting data, correct and consistent results depend on the right selection of certain parameters as for example the combination of company and set of books. Therefore it is now possible for certain data sources the check of mandatory fields can be switched on (Blog).

In total customer improvement requests with 91 votes were delivered for the Financial Management area in 2005 and for detailed information about What’s New in the Financial Management area, please click here.

Human Resources

  • Time Administration – Approvals
    Administrators are now ableto edit a time recording (like assign a premium pay) and then submit the time recording for approval to the project manager or line manager.
  • Analytics – Employee Changes for Payroll
    Every payroll period, Administrators need to submit employee changes relevant for payroll to their payroll consultant, to upload into the payroll system. The Internal Employee Changes report displays a change history for Personal Data, Work Agreement changes, Private Address, Payment Information (Blog).

In total customer improvement requests with 15 votes were delivered for the Human Resources area in 2005 and for detailed information about What’s New in the Human Resources area, please click here.

Supply Chain

  • Exclude Logistics Area from Planning
    Warehouse managers are now able to exclude certain logistics areas from planning and ATP check for example in cases of spare parts dedicated to the repair department or for products with demo purpose (Blog).
  • Pegged Supply UI Enhancements
    Planners are now able to efficiently monitor the component availability in their production plan and to easily adjust the plan in case of late supply. (Blog).
  • Service Order Pre-Delivery from 3PL-Site
    It is now possible to pre-deliver spare parts from a warehouse operated by a third-party logistics provider (3PL) (Blog).
  • New Reports for Supply Chain Management
    • Customer Demand Details Report (Blog).
    • Physical Inventory Report (Blog).

In total customer improvement requests with 325 votes were delivered for the Supply Chain Management area in 2005 and for detailed information about What’s New in the Supply Chain Management area, please click here.


  • Withdraw Approvals
    Sometimes a user wants to change documents that have been already sent for approval. The user is now able to withdraw the documents, do changes and send it again for approval (Blog).
  • Renewal Rules fors Contract Items
    Users are now able to decide if contract items are renewed manually or automatically trough renewal rules (Blog). 
  • Service Quotes for Customer Returns
    When a customer returns a product for repair, It is now possible to create a service quote for a customer return as follow-up (Blog). 
  • Kits Return
    It is now possible to handle the kits returns process from return notification to credit memo creation and in case of a repair, the outbound delivery back to customer. (Blog). 

In total customer improvement requests with 56 votes were delivered for the Customer Relationship Management area in 2005 and for detailed information about What’s New in the Customer Relationship Management area, please click here.


  • Mobile Manager Approval
    Managers are able to launch the manager approval app inside the Business ByDesign mobile app and do not need to install the separate app anymore (Blog).
  • Basic Mobile User Administration
    Administrators are able see, lock and unlock users (Blog).

In total customer improvement requests with 13 votes were delivered for the Mobile area in 2005 cand for detailed information about What’s New in the Mobile area, please click here.


  • Israel
    Introduction of Self-Invoice for ERS invoice
    For Israel/Israeli companies document type self-invoice has been enabled for ERS invoice to have a unique and consecutive numbering for each year. This is to be correspondingly reported in monthly VAT file (PCN874) (Video).
  • India
    Tax Posting on India Stock Transfer Order
    As per GST guidelines for STO company is liable to pay taxes as soon as goods are dispatched from sending plant and credit for the same can be availed by the receiving plant only when the goods have been received. Customer will not have to follow a manual process of posting taxes at Outbound delivery and reverse taxes at inbound delivery as the solution will work as per the STO guidelines of GST (Video).
    E-Invoicing – Stock Transfer Order
    Electronic Invoice Processing for India has been introduced with Invoice Reference Number, which is even valid for STO tax postings (Video).
  • Japan
    Posting of Tax Difference from Summary Invoice to Accounting
    The tax difference calculated by summary invoice must be posted to customer receivables account and tax register as an adjustment. There is a new account determination rule for both Accounts Receivable and Tax to identify account used for this adjustment posting (Video)
  • South Korea
    Responsible Person Enhancements on Electronic Tax Invoices
    Users can now maintain Responsible Department and Responsible person details for both Company Tax arrangement and Corporate/ Private Customer Accounts under Tax data. This data will be consumed and displayed in E-tax invoice form, excel  and UI Video).
  • France, Belgium, Netherland
    Custom Tax Codes in Expense Reports
    Customers were able to create custom tax codes where SAP delivered tax codes doesn’t suffice their business need with different combinations of tax type, rate type and deductibility. These custom tax codes are now ready to be used in expense reports.
  • Finland
    Expense Reporting – 24 hr rule through Generic Country Version
    The 24 hour calculation rule for per diems in Finland expense reports has now been enabled through generic country version.

Solution Extensions

  • All for One Steeb: VAT Number Validation Automatically
    All for One Steeb – VAT Number validation enables an automated, seamless validation processes for a much faster and more efficient validation of VAT Numbers in SAP Business ByDesign. (Blog).
  • – Intrastat Declarations in SAP Business ByDesign
    n Cloud Solutions has developed, in collaboration with some of our customers, our own intrastat declarations solution built using the SAP Cloud Application Studio.  The solution captures all the required data from your deliveries (inbound, outbound and third party) and invoices (customer and supplier) including service confirmations, as required (Blog)
  • Colombian Localization by Seidor
    The Colombian Localization Solution complies with tax requirements in Colombia. Additional to end to end functionalities, Seidor also covers legal reports as well as fully parametrizable settings which are adaptable to Company’s Business requirements (Blog).


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      Author's profile photo Alexander Sinel
      Alexander Sinel

      Hi Kristof,

      Now I am checking DSC: Inbound Delivery Notification Item report and despite I put only “Advised” and “Not Cancelled” IDN on report's Selection pane, the report anyway shows the cancelled IDNs as Not Cancelled (cross checked with ByD system) – see snapshot.

      Why can it happen?



      Author's profile photo César López
      César López

      Hello Kristof, thanks for this post, really appreciated,


      Dual control for JEV existed since long time ago. What is different now with this strict dual control functionality?

      Author's profile photo Alexander Sinel
      Alexander Sinel

      Hi Kristof,

      Can you please share the "What's New 20.08?




      Author's profile photo Hideaki Takeshita
      Hideaki Takeshita

      Hi Kristof,

      Can I get the detail about the E-Invoice in India?

      I heard that we need to subscribe the service provider in India to connect the interface between government system and our ByD, and it is sold in SAP App store.

      Could you introduce whom knows the E-Invoice in India?



      Hideaki Takeshita