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How to Deploy External JMS and JDBC drivers in SAP PO 7.5

Introduction: –

While migrating to SAP PO 7.5, I came across a situation, where I need to deploy external JDBC and JMS drivers to SAP PO system. Generally this activity done by BASIS team. In this blog, I will describe step-by-step process, which can be done by SAP PI/PO developers.

There might be many different cases for creating SDA file. But I thought of two cases as below.

  1. You have current deployed SDA file and you want to add new external JDBC or JMS drivers.
  2. You are going to deploy from scratch or you don’t have current deployed SDA .

Case One:-

You can get current deployed SDA file with help of BASIS team.

Once you got the already deployed SDA file, you need to download SDA Maker Tool (you can download from attachment of sap note 1028961).

Execute SDA tool and follow as below for creating new SDA file.

Netweaver Version –> 7.5 (in my case)

JDBC and JMS drivers –> (select from drop-down)

Check Add additional jar files.

Select SDA file (you got from BASIS) .

Select folder, where all additional .jar files need to be added to SDA file.

Select an empty folder, where newly created SDA file will be place.

Click Start.

Initial .SDA file: –

After adding new .jar files : –

You can see two new .jar files added to provider file and also under lib folder.

lib –> This folder contains all the .jar files for drivers

server –> Contain provider.xml file

Once the new SDA file is created, its ready to deploy in SAP PO system ( we will see later in this blog).

Case Two:-

  • If SAP PO system already deployed “SAP-XI3RDPARTY“, then you need to identify the correct version, before creating new SDA file.
  • If version of SAP-XI3RDPARTY and “” are different, then go with version of “”.
  • If “SAP-XI3RDPARTY” is not deployed, then you can refer “SAP_XIAF” version and download corresponding SCA file.
  • In my case, its already deployed and version is SAP 7.5 SP0 Patch 0 (highlights in yellow color).

You can find version in two different ways, through NetWeaver Administrator or NWDS.

Go to  Your SAP PO System –> NWA –> Configuration –> Infrastructure –> System Information –> Components Info.

Search for “SAP-XI3RDPARTY” as shown below.

Open NWDS and Go to Deployment Prospective.

Update your SAP PO system details in SAP AS Java.

Search for “SAP-XI3RDPARTY” as shown below and click on, to see the version (highlights in yellow color)


Download SAP-XI3RDPARTY SCA file from below path. –> Give your S-user credentials

Search as below and choose your SCA file version and download.


You will see below folders after unzipping SCA file ( I use 7-Zip ti unzip). –> JMS or JDBC deployment. (we will considering this in our blog) –> Axis adapter deployment

Finally, create your new SDA file as described above in case one.

Deployment of SDA File: –

I am using NWDS for deployment and you need Administrator Role for this.

Open NWDS –> Go to Deployment perspective –> Import –> Start

Before deployment update your system details in “SAP As Java” in Preferences of NWDS.


Once deployment finished. you can see in SAP PO NWA.

SAP PO NWA –> Java Class Loader Viewer –> Search for “”


Remark: –

  1. We can choose different way to deploy newly created SDA file to SAP PO system.
  2. If you have already few external drivers and you want to add more, then create new SDA file will all .jar files (exiting and new). If not then new SDA file will overwrite existing one.
  3. You might find few different sap notes related to this, but I try to cover all in one.
  4. Any suggestion , always welcome.




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  • hi

    I did not know there was this tool.

    I guess last time I justed edited the sda file to add the jars. But this is a much better appoach.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Hi Bijayashree,

    I was also not aware of this tool. I used to edit the sda & provider.xml files manually and deployed the same via telnet.

    Let me try this SDA maker tool & deployment via NWDS. Good one.

  • Hi Bijyashree,

    I have downloaded the latest SAP_XI3RDPARTY SCA file (SAPXI3RDPARTY20_0-80000870.SCA) and while using SUM to deploy it I am getting below error:

    Rejected Components
    SUM has detected that the following components are not eligible for deployment. Optionally, revise the components in the download directory, and then rescan it.
    Note that if you leave them as they are currently, the SUM will not deploy these components to the system.

    Please help here.

    I have also raised this query here:



    Raksha Shah

    • Hi Raksha,

      Thanks for connecting.

      I am not familiar with SUM tool, but I have seen this error while deploying through NWDS.

      I can see that you are trying to deploy lower version of the exiting version. You need to adjust to same or higher version.


      You can check SDA file --> MANIFEST file --> Implementation-Version.

      This should be same to your exiting version in PO.





      • Hi Bijyashree,

        Thanks for the response. I have downloaded latest version of SAP-XI3RDPARTY.SCA file, but still its the same. Can you suggest me a link from where I can download the higher version of it. Cuurently I was using SAPXI3RDPARTY20_0-80000870.SCA


        Raksha Shah

          • Hi Bijyashree,

            Thanks for the information, Could you please let me know how and where to download the required version of (without SAP-XI3RDPARTY.SCA). I have the below deployed current version in my PO system:




          • Hi Raksha,

            I dont know what you are trying to do. I already provided the options. So you can check accordingly and the blog to find out the details (downloading sca  file and and getting ).




          • Hi Bijyashree/All,

            I have tried deploying sqljdbc42.jar. My issue is when I am using SUM tool to deploy the component called (which we have already in our PO system) as decsribed in; note 2513069 Guided Answers - How to deploy the external drivers for Axis/JDBC/JMS Adapter, to deploy the driver. SUM is rejecting the component. I am writing the step which I am performing.
            1. Downloaded sqljdbc42.jar
            2. Downloaded latest available version of SAP-XI3RDPARTY for 7.5 that is : SAPXI3RDPARTY20_0-80000870.SCA from (download of this file is required as mentioned in "Guided Answers - How to deploy the external drivers for Axis/JDBC/JMS Adapter, to deploy the driver")
            3. Used sdaMakerTool.jar to add the sqljdbc42.jar in lib folder of and created new file.
            4. Started sum and given the manual created directory of file.
            5. Sum is rejecting the component for the below details:
            Component cannot be downgraded.
            System version: 7.5000.20150910153728.0000
            Archive version: 7.5000.20150610001139.0001

            Please let me know which and from where the required version of SAP-XI3RDPARTY.SCA) file can be download to implement this as I am unable to find the component in sap market place.


          • It worked after making changes in file and again added the file in SAPXI3RDPARTY19_0-80000870.SCA and using SUM I have directly deployed SAPXI3RDPARTY19_0-80000870.SCA file.