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Hide Queries in C4C – Fiori UI

Wondering why the ‘Disable’ option in Query list is not working in C4C Fiori UI?

In this blog post, you’ll learn how to hide queries from the Query List in SAP C4C’s Fiori UI and usage of this ‘Disable’ option in ‘Organize Queries’ feature. Prerequisite: Admin access to work with Adapt mode.

Usage of ‘Disable’ option

This option disables the query from returning the results automatically when selected. Also, the screen has a link ‘Click here to execute the Query’ now as highlighted.

Note: In order to execute the query automatically, you have to set uncheck this in advanced search again.

Hide the query from the Query List

In order to hide a query completely from the list follow the below steps:

  1. Start Adaptation mode, navigate to the Object work list where you would like to restrict your query list. Say, Accounts, Visits, Tickets, so on.
  2. Here, say fo Accounts, Click the topmost pencil icon in the object work list and expand the Accounts List using the right arrow of Adaptation mode.
  3. Expand the Implementation section where you will find ‘Queries’ and ‘Rules and Validations’
  4. All available queries for the business object will appear. Set a query as visible or hide a query using below


Query has been hidden from business user’s view successfully.

Hope this blog post is helpful 🙂 and stay tuned for more blogs like this.

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