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Fiori Apps Configuration details from Fiori Apps Library

With the advent of S/4 HANA On-prem, Fiori Launchpad would be the recommended entry point to perform business activities using the Fiori apps.

Fiori apps are included in a Fiori Launchpad Business Catalog and Business Group, which are, in turn, placed in a business role assigned to the end-user. But there are many apps which are SAP GUI based for which there is no business catalog and has only a technical catalog.

Technical Catalog needs to be referenced into a custom business catalog and assigned to a custom group. This custom business catalog and group are to be added to a business role and provided to a specific user.  This link provides more info.

In this blog, I would like to highlight the functionality in Fiori Apps Library which I have used to help the security team to get users to access specific Fiori apps.

Below steps would help functional teams who can leverage the Fiori Apps Library to find the relevant apps and gather information to pass it on to the security team to provide needed information to grant access to Fiori apps.

Step 1:

To perform the below steps, you need to log into Fiori Apps Library using your S-User or email address associated with it.

Step 2:

Select All Apps for SAP S/4 HANA from the below category

Step 3:

Select appropriate filter criteria to find the relevant Fiori Apps. I have chosen All Apps


Step 4:

Using the search field, you can search my transaction code, Fiori app name, Fiori App id, Business Role, Business Catalog

Below I searched for LT15.


Step 5:

On completion of the search, below screen shows the details, select the checkbox on the right-hand side of the description

Step 6:

Continue Step 4 & 5 to search for all other relevant apps.  Count of your selections can be seen in the footer.


Step 7:

Next hit on the Aggregate button to look at the Aggregated Information for the selected apps

Step 8:

Navigate to the next screen to see the list of selected apps

Step 9:

Change to the List View


Step 10:

To view, your selection do below


Step 11:

On the list hit the setting button to get in the columns for Technical Catalog, Business Catalog, Business Group, and Business PFCG Role into the list and exclude other columns like Lighthouse, Required Back-end & Screenshot

Step 12:

You could now see the information need to get access for your selected Fiori apps

Below apps do not have Business Catalog, Business Group, and Business Role and have only the Technical Catalog which needs to referenced into a custom business catalog as mentioned above

This list can be downloaded. It downloads as an Excel file

Above downloaded excel has all the relevant information needs for the security teams to provide access to the selected Fiori apps.

I hope this helps both the functional and security teams.



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      Author's profile photo Cristiano Marques
      Cristiano Marques

      Simple and useful. Thanks.

      Author's profile photo Mark Smith
      Mark Smith

      Very useful blog!