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Bringing Innovation to SAP Analytics Cloud with the Planning Panel

Modernizing Planning and Analytics

For all you financial planners out there, it isn’t a secret that data entry can be the most time-consuming and tedious process. This can especially be the case when you are working with complex planning scenarios that involve spreading, distributing, and assigning operations. Users need flexibility and an intuitive interface when it comes to the data entry process and up to this moment, these two factors have been lacking in many basic spreadsheet applications.

You asked and we’ve listened. It’s time to part ways with spending countless hours during the data entry stage because we have created a tool that will allow you to execute your planning scenarios with ease. We are excited to introduce the Planning Panel in SAP Analytics Cloud!

The Planning Panel is an all-encompassing tool that enables you to quickly and effectively execute your ad hoc planning scenarios all in one consolidated experience. From moving values directly in the table to smart suggestions for allocating values, the Planning Panel has you covered for all your planning needs. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features of the new Planning Panel.

Key Features in SAP Analytic Cloud’s Planning Panel

One tool for all your Ad Hoc Planning Needs

In the past, all of your data entry interactions solely took place in the main dialogue boxes. Now, everything you need is located in one centralized location. With the Planning Panel, you can easily adjust values and preview these adjustments live in the table. In addition to making changes in the Panel, you can also make modifications directly in the grid. The Planning Panel will summarize the adjustments made in the grid and allows you to review these changes before applying them to your table. With all your data in one consolidated location, you can get a clear snapshot of how the data is impacting and flowing through the organization.

Elevated Data Entry Features

One of the most time-consuming and tedious parts of the data entry process is having to manually copy and paste values from one cell to another during distributing and spreading scenarios. However, with the Planning Panel, data entry has never been easier. You can now use the Planning Panel to quickly move values in a table. The panel supports other useful data entry capabilities such as simple formulas and scale suffixes. These added formulas make data entry quick and convenient for the end-user.

We also have you covered for mass data entry. When you are working with multiple values, the Planning Panel allows you to make all your changes without any delays for backend requests. Only at execution are the changes transferred to the backend.

Smart Suggestions for Spreading, Distributing, and Assigning Scenarios

Previously, planning functionalities were spread across three different dialogues for specific scenarios including spreading, distributing, and assigning. We recognize that this layout was not very user-friendly and that it was challenging to remember which dialogue to use for which scenario. Now, with the Planning Panel, there is a single place for all ad hoc planning scenarios. If you are not sure whether you need to spread, distribute or allocate a value, the Planning Panel provides smart suggestions based on the dimensions and target cells reflected in your table.

Execute Planning Scenarios Quickly with New Keyboard Shortcuts

To provide you with even more flexibility and ease when working with your business data, SAP Analytics Cloud’s Planning Panel now contains keyboard shortcuts as shown below.

You can use these shortcuts in conjunction with the existing table shortcuts to quickly execute your planning scenarios directly in the grid. To discover the full capabilities of the table keyboard shortcuts, visit the SAP Help Portal here.

Ready to Level-Up with SAP Analytics Cloud? Let’s Take a Look at Your Next Steps

We created the Planning Panel in SAP Analytics Cloud to help you effectively carry out your ad hoc planning scenarios. With its flexible and innovative capabilities, the Planning Panel helps your organization save time and resources during planning.

To try out the Planning Panel, sign up for your free trial of SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning.

And be sure to check out the Ultimate Guide to Enterprise Planning to dive even deeper.

Want more? Explore the Ultimate Guide to Enterprise Analytics to learn more about how analytics can benefit your planning processes.

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