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Digging deeper into SAP HANA at SAP Cloud Platform trial

I would like to thank Maximilian Streifeneder for inviting me to join his Max’s Adventure in SAP Cloud Platform live stream this week.

We had fun exploring what happens when CAP (Cloud Application Programming model) meets HAT (Hybrid Analytical-Transaction, aka translytical processing) in the trial account.

If you liked that episode…

…then here is the good news: there was more to show and to talk about, so we’ve scheduled another episode to be streamed live at the same Maxi’s channel on Wednesday, May 6th at 16:00 CET (click to set the reminder and to join)!

If you disliked that episode…

…then here is even better news: I learned from our previous experience and promise next time it will be improved: more structured, properly paced, and better explained 🙂

If you missed that episode…

…then you can rewatch it, or just join the next one where I will quickly recap what we’ve done so far.

Stay tuned!
-Vitaliy (aka @Sygyzmundovych)

PS. Now as well with my channel on YouTube, if you want to subscribe.

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