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Author's profile photo Matthias Kraemer

SAP BPC product suite extending maintenance

Please refer to my updated blog here:



Following the announced maintenance extensions of the SAP Business Suite 7 and SAP S/4HANA and of SAP BW/4HANA, the maintenance of the respective SAP BPC products will be adapted as follows:

  • The maintenance of SAP BPC, version for NetWeaver 10.1 will continue until end of 2027, aligned with SAP BW 7.5
  • The maintenance of SAP BPC, add-on for SAP S/4HANA, will continue until end of 2027, aligned with SAP BPC, version for NetWeaver
  • The maintenance of SAP BPC, version for SAP BW/4HANA will continue until end of 2027, aligned with SAP BPC, version for NetWeaver. The maintenance for the product version BPC 11.1 for BW/4HANA remains unchanged and will end in 2024, therefore, we recommend customers to upgrade to BPC version for BW/4HANA newest version.
  • The maintenance of SAP BPC, version for Microsoft 10.1 will continue until end of 2024, following explicit customer requestsAfter the stated deadlines, there will be no further prolongations and maintenance will be customer specific, according to SAP Note 52505. For more information on SAP’s release and maintenance strategy, visit the dedicated pages on the SAP Support Portal:
  • SAP Note 52505: Support after end of mainstream maintenance or extended maintenance (log-in required)
  • Product Availability Matrix: Maintenance dates for product versions (log-in required).


The end of mainstream maintenance dates for earlier SAP BPC product versions remain unchanged. Details can be  found here:

Since 2017, SAP BPC, version for NetWeaver, and SAP BPC, version for Microsoft, have been in maintenance mode and all feature investments in SAP BPC are being made exclusively for the version for BW/4HANA.

In 2015 we introduced SAP Analytics Cloud with planning capabilities designed for the cloud. SAP Analytics Cloud is rated visionary (Gartner) and leader (BARC) with strongly growing customer adoption. Future investments in planning will primarily go to SAP Analytics Cloud enhancing the rich feature set and integration into the SAP product portfolio even more. Hence we strongly recommend customers evaluating SAP Analytics Cloud for future investments in business planning. For the extension and transition for SAP BPC customers we have a dedicated tailored EXTEND-program in place providing further facts and guidelines.

This plan confirms SAP’s continued commitment in our established on-premise planning products while guiding the future in the cloud, including a transition path.

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      Author's profile photo Ravi Shankar Koyalakonda
      Ravi Shankar Koyalakonda

      Thanks for sharing the useful information Matthias!!

      Author's profile photo Ognjen Glavas
      Ognjen Glavas


      Across all SAP official tools like Product Availability Matrix (PAM) End of Maintenance for SAP BPC,version for BW/4HANA is still 2024. So this extension from 2024 to 2027 is just planned for now or it is an official SAP info?




      Author's profile photo Lisandre Ramos
      Lisandre Ramos

      Hi Ornjen,

      It is official SAP info reflecting the current status of the product maintenance strategy. As of now, the PAM contains the maintenance dates for the product version and the blog post refers to BPC as a product independent from its version. This is in sync other SAP products found in PAM such as BW/4HANA and S4.


      Author's profile photo Nilesh Jain
      Nilesh Jain

      Hi Mathias,

      Thanks for the details! Is there any further update on these dates?

      Considering BPC 11.1  comparatively newer version, will that be further extended?



      Author's profile photo Detlef Wassmuth
      Detlef Wassmuth

      Hi Jain,

      I am part of the Planning PM Team and I would like to answer your question.

      From the current point of view, they are no updated information about the maintenance of the BPC product available. As Lisandre and Matthias already wrote in their blogs or comments, we will share all updates about the maintenance of the BPC product with the help of this blog with our customers and partners. So, it would be great if you could check this blog from time to time. Thus, you will be able to get all updated information very fast.


      Author's profile photo Diego Rozo
      Diego Rozo

      It is not clear if this applies to all versions of BPC. In the PAM I'ts only talks about the solutions that are inside BW4HANA. Can you share the official information of SAP?

      Author's profile photo Diego Rozo
      Diego Rozo

      Sorry... I got it...