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Author's profile photo Jan Matthes

Mobile Manager Approval and User Management for SAP Business ByDesign Cloud ERP

With our 2005 version of SAP Business ByDesign Cloud ERP mobile app you now find two new interesting apps which makes management and administration while being on the road even more easy.

  1. Mobile Manager Approval
  2. Mobile User Administration

Both apps will be available to you as tile in the launchpad of the well known ByDesign Mobile app. Only prerequisite is that you also have the desktop work center of “Managing My Area” and “Business User and Application Management” assigned to your profile.

Mobile manager approval offers the following:

  • Manager approvals within ByD Mobile app
  • Approve purchase orders, expenses, quotes and more
  • Swipe to accept or reject
  • Add comments
  • Freely aggregate approvals by project, project task, cost center or employee

Mobile user management offers the ability to lock & unlock business and technical users and to see the details of those users.

More about mobility in ByD can be found here.

More about SAP Cloud ERP can be found here.

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      Author's profile photo Taesik (Kevin) Jun
      Taesik (Kevin) Jun

      Great. Customer can do approval in the one mobile app.  Thanks Kevin

      Author's profile photo Shady Sallam
      Shady Sallam

      Jan Matthes Thank you for your blog.

      and I have question please ,

      Iam using Mobile Manager Approval app and i can get approval requests from purchase department and all others except manual payment approval not come through app , to approve manual payment every time i have to open byd website and from inbox i can approve .

      any advice for this please ?

      thank you

      Author's profile photo Jan Matthes
      Jan Matthes
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Shady,

      you need to make sure that the user is authorized for the approvals. Have a look into this

      If this does not help please create a ticket to get support.




      Author's profile photo Shady Sallam
      Shady Sallam

      Thank you a lot for reply .

      Author's profile photo Eszter Szalma
      Eszter Szalma

      Dear Jan,

      A couple of months ago I've noticed that If a new approval request arrives to me, then my smartphone rings, give me a little sign (the mobile app sends this sign.)

      Today, I try to use this app again, bit no more works the signal.


      Moreover this app shows the todo if Im logging in before, its impossibble to stay sign in whole day?

      As you can see, the icon shows 1 because there is 1 open task for me, but this is shown only after logging in..

      I suppose, its a missing funcionality...Customers would like to receive a signal to jump into the system...

      Author's profile photo Jan Matthes
      Jan Matthes
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Eszter,


      thanks a lot for the proposal to directly navigate from the lock screen notification into the mobile app and to allow notifications if the user is not logged on anymore. Could you please create a customer influence request for both?

      Pramod Sidlaghatta Jaiprakash : Could you explain in more details when and how often notifications are sent?

      (BTW: I have left the ByD team but my colleague Pramod will be hopefully able to help you more)




      Author's profile photo Pramod Sidlaghatta Jaiprakash
      Pramod Sidlaghatta Jaiprakash

      Dear Eszter,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      There seems to be a slight misunderstanding of your feedback in our earlier communication which I would like to clarify first. Please note that:

      • The ByD Mobile app already supports the delivery of push notifications even when the user is not logged into it 
      • The App already supports the navigation into it, when a user clicks on the push notification belonging to the app
      • Additionally, we have a feature that tracks the inactivity in mobile app usage and if the user has not logged in for 2 weeks, we stop sending push notifications. This we do only to avoid disturbing the user with notifications while they are not actively using it. The push notification service resumes as soon as the user logs into the app the next time. This behavior is the same for the SAP Business ByDesign Mobile, SAP Manager Approvals, and SAP Time Recording mobile apps. This feature could have been the reason for you to have temporarily stopped receiving notifications.

      If you have noticed a deviation in the behavior, it could most likely be a bug. In that case, I would request you to kindly report it to SAP via an incident. We will be happy to help.

      Wish you a nice day.

      Best regards,