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Display Service Orders in the Service Orders Facet of the Find Technical Object App


To increase operational service process efficiency, customers request a seamless service order history per technical object for all relevant roles working with this technical object. ​

As long as a technical object (including equipment and functional location) has been referenced in a service order’s header or any item, the service order is displayed in this technical object’s Service Orders facet of the Find Technical Object app. Both in-house repair orders and service orders are displayed as service order history​.


  • When displaying the Service Orders facet, you can click the service order ID to display the navigation link to navigate to the service order details.
  • You can navigate from the equipment or functional location in a service order to the Find Technical Object app. If you want to directly access the Find Technical Object app, assign the business catalog SAP_EAM_BC_TO_MW_MC.

The following figure shows an example Service Orders facet:

The following table lists the fields supported in the service orders displayed in the Service Orders facet:

Fields for Service Order Facet

Display by Default

Service Order


Service Order Type​


Life Cycle Status​




Posting Date


Created By​


Created By User Description

Life Cycle Status Description

Priority Description

Service Order Description​

Service Order Type Description

Technical Object​

Technical Object Description​

Technical Object Type Description


  • Only user with corresponding authorization will be able to see the service order history in the Service Orders facet and be able to navigate to the service order details. ​

  • As long as the access right for service is granted, the complete service order history of this technical object will be displayed. ​

  • Additional data level authorization will be checked in service order navigation. Without corresponding data access right for a specific service order, the navigation link will be displayed as ‘No data found’​.

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