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Strict Dual Control

The objective of this blog post is to explain the Strict Dual Control functionality in SAP Business ByDesign.

The Strict Dual Control is one of the most used control mechanisms. Once activated, it affects all the following transactions and cannot be activated selectively:

  • Journal Entry Vouchers
  • Intercompany Journal Entry Vouchers
  • Recurring Journal Entry Vouchers
  • Manual Tax Entries

It ensures, that a user who created or edited a manual posting can only Save it but is not allowed to Post it. The Post action must be executed by a second user.


Setting in Business Configuration > Scope

The Strict Dual Control can be activated and deactivated in the solution scope at any time.

When an accountant now creates for example a Journal Entry Voucher, he can just Save it:

When a user tries to post a Journal Entry Voucher or Tax Entry which he created or edited, an error message appears.

A second user can now post the Journal Entry Voucher in the General Ledger work center, or in case of a Tax Entry in the Tax Management work center. The posting can be done either in Edit mode of the document, or directly in the Journal Entry Vouchers list:

This short introduction of strict Dual Control functionality shall help you to start using the new capabilities in SAP Business ByDesign.

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  • Hi!  We have turned on the Strict Dual control.  However, it does not seem to work for intercompany journal entry vouchers.  They are posting as normal.  Is there a step that we may have missed that needs to be updated?  Curious if others have seen this.

  • Hi,

    Is strict dual control functionality support to assign the creation of JE access & Post JE access to different users based upon different company ID's restriction. In this functionality states only that, one user can save & another user will post. but how we can define these save user & post user access in system? How we can identify the user name who is having save access of JE & post access of JE. In old dual control, we were able to assign the JE create only access to specific user & post JE access to specific user & we were able to find that who is having save & post access.