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How to create a mail including attachments with Microsoft Outlook in SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation?

One of the most common use cases while creating a bot is to notify a person about the results or logs of the operation executed using a bot.

SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation provides easy integration with Microsoft Outlook.

Note: The pre-requisite step is to include the Outlook library script.

Right-click on the Scripts pane and click on the “Include library Script” option.

In the corresponding Add Library Script Popup, check “Outlook Integration” option.

Now, let us see a step by step procedure to create a mail.


Step 1: Initialize the Outlook application.


Step 2: Create the mail with the recipient mail address including subject and mail body.

            ctx.outlook.mail.create( {

                              To: <Recipient Mail Address>,

                              Subject: <Mail Subject>,

                              Body: <Mail Body>


The body is of type string.

You could set the appropriate mail body format using the following snippet.  By default, it is of HTML format.

             ctx.outlook.mail.setBodyFormat(0, 1);

where the second parameter “1” represents a plain body format. The various options available are

0 (unspecified), 1 (plain), 2 (HTML), 3 (rich text)

Step 3: You could set the importance of the mail using the following snippet.

            ctx.outlook.mail.setImportance(0, 2);

where the second parameter “2” represents a mail of high importance. The various options available are

1 (default), 2 (high), 0 (low)

In case, an acknowledgment on receipt of the mail is required, use the following snippet.


Step 4: You could include attachments to the mail using the following snippet.

            ctx.outlook.mail.attach(0, <File Location>);

If multiple attachments are to be attached, then provide the file locations in an array as follows,

            ctx.outlook.mail.attach(0, [<File 1 Location>, <File 2 Location>, <File 3 Location>]);

Step 5: Final step? No. This is the pre-final step. Send the mail.


In all the above snippets, the first parameter “0” represents the mail index of the working mail collection.

Step 6: Final and important step. It is necessary that an initialized Outlook application is ended properly using the following snippet.


For more information, refer to the wiki.

That’s it, folks. 🙂

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