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How to save Analysis For Excel workbook in BW server Platform

Business users may want specifically formatted Analysis for excel workbooks stored in SAP Business warehouse server platform. This helps users to retain the original Analysis for excel workbook stored in the server in case of any issues (workbook getting corrupted, file loss etc.) with the workbook stored in user’s workstation. If Analysis for excel workbook formatted as per Business requirement is stored in BW server, business user can access the required workbook from the BW server, apply additional own formatting and can save in their workstation. In case of any issue with additional formatting or workbook corrupt issue with the workbook stored in user’s workstation, business users can retain the workbook by accessing standard formatted workbook stored in BW server. This blog explains how Analysis for excel workbook can be saved in Business Warehouse server platform.

What is Analysis for Excel

SAP analysis for Microsoft Excel is a Microsoft excel Add-In which allows multidimensional analysis of OLAP sources. SAP queries, query views and InfoProvider can be used as data sources. The data is displayed in the workbook in crosstabs.

Saving workbook in BW Business warehouse platform

Saving the workbook requires few roles and authorizations to be assigned to all the user ids who want to save or view the workbook stored in server. In absence of these roles, saving workbook in Business Warehouse platform will result in authorization error below.

Path for saving the workbook in BW server

Go to menu path FileàAnalysisàSave Workbookà Save Workbook (Save a workbook on Business Warehouse platform).


Authorization error while saving the workbook in BW server Platform.


Required Authorization roles to save the workbook in BW Server platform

Roles can be divided as two parts – one for the development/support technical team who creates/updates the workbook based on business user requirement and another for the business users. Prepare the details for these two different set of roles and request respective security/basis team to assign the roles as mentioned below.

  1. Authorization Role for Technical team

Authorization Role Name                  Z_Techteam (Any technical name)

Role to be assigned to User ID         XXXX, YYYY etc. (List of technical team member IDs)

Authorization Object                          S_RS_AO (Authorization object for using SAP NetWeaver as platform)

Authorization Field Value


(Analysis Office Excel Workbook Technical Name)

RSAO_OBJTY Microsoft Excel


Authorization Field – RSAO_OBJID, RSAO_OBJTY, RSZOWNER and ACTVT are the authorization fields of authorization object S_RS_AO.

a)  RSAO_OBJID – Technical name of Workbook. In this example, Zworkbook* means users assigned with this role will have authorization for all the workbooks technical name starting with Zworkbook. * can be used to provide authorization to all the workbooks.

b)  RSAO_OBJTY – This field is used for mentioning the client Object type. Since we want to save Analysis for excel workbook, value of this field is Microsoft Excel.

c) RSZOWNER – Owner for a reporting component. Since required users already being assigned with role (Z_techteam in this example) , this field can have value as *

d) ACTVT – Authorization activity value. A value with * means authorized for all activities mentioned below. Only roles created for technical team role should be provided with * value in this field. For roles created for business user, recommended to provide only display and execute value in ACTVT field.


2.   Authorization Role for Business users

Authorization Role Name                  Zuser (Technical name)

Role to be assigned to User ID         PPPP, QQQQ etc. (List of business user IDs)

Authorization Object                         S_RS_AO (Authorization object for using SAP NetWeaver as platform)

Authorization Field Value


(Analysis Office Excel Workbook Technical Name)

RSAO_OBJTY Microsoft Excel
ACTVT Display, Execute

Field value ACTVT in role created for business users has only display and execute meaning business users can only execute and view the workbook.

Updating the workbook which is already saved in BW server platform

Technical team member can change the workbook and save the updated workbook in the server. Before saving the modified workbook, collect the workbook in a TR and save the workbook by collecting it in this TR. Without collecting the workbook in a TR, updated workbook cannot be saved in server.

Go to RSA1 T-code, click on Transport connection. Click on select objects under analysis office Excel in folder More Types and select the required workbook. Collect this workbook in a TR. This workbook can be modified and the changes can be saved in the BW server platform.


Saving Analysis for Excel workbook in BW server platform is very helpful in case of any accidental changes or corrupt of workbooks stored in user workstation. This document helps in providing insights on how to save an Analysis for excel workbook in BW server platform.

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      Author's profile photo Faisal Khan
      Faisal Khan


      Very nice document. Can you elaborate that how to keep backups of Workbooks saved on Server other than to manually save them on local drives. There has been instances where opening the file from Server returned error and we had to re-create from scratch.



      Author's profile photo Estevão Tonioli
      Estevão Tonioli

      Dear all,


      I have recently updated our roles and authorities logic, since some users had the S_RS_AO full authorization and changed some of our BW Reprots inside Excel.

      Once I set the S_RS_AO ACTVT to 03/16 (show/execute) only, it was as expected no longer possible to save hte BW reports on the server, only locally on the hard disk.


      After that I created a new role with full authorization for S_RS_AO for IT users and assigned it accordingly.

      Role is maintained like following:


      If i press now on save (floppy disk) I get the error message that I don't have authorization to save it on the server.

      I ran a STAUTHTRACE and I cannot find any failed authorization check, system tells me I have the correct authorization. SU53 shows me nothing also.


      The objective is: Open BW Queries in Excel Analysis, modify and save them (floppy disk) so it is saved to the server and all users perceive the changes.

      Question: does anyone have any idea what else I could to solve this issue?

      Although I receive a "no authorization issue, I can't understand where or what is being checked, since with the authorizations everything seems to be correctly maintained.


      Thanks for any input.




      Tags: S_RS_AO / BW / SAP / Authorization