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Create your Mobile Development Kit (MDK) app in SAP Business Application Studio

Updated 29 October 2020: Some screenshots changed due to updates in BAS/MDK Editor.

You might have already seen the announcement about availability of SAP Business Application Studio on SAP’s Multi-Cloud environment (Cloud Foundry). Following this release,  SAP released a trial for SAP Business Application Studio ( in the SAP Business Technology Platform trial account).  If you have not yet subscribed yet, follow this post. 

SAP Business Application Studio is a next generation, tailor made development environment available as a service on SAP Cloud Foundry which offers a modular development for business application for SAP Intelligent Enterprise.

You can now create and modify your Mobile Development kit (MDK) applications in SAP Business Application Studio. 

Setting Up the MDK Editor in SAP Business Application Studio (Cloud Foundry) 

When you create a new Dev Space, select “SAP Mobile Application”.  This space contains capabilities to create Mobile Development Kit based apps. (Same Dev space type supports development for Mobile Cards and Mobile Backend Tools (MBT)) 



Once space is created, click start icon to start. Once started, click on the space name to enter into development environment.

Note: (If you are on trial – You are allowed a maximum number of 2 dev spaces, and only 1 can be run at a time.)

 Creating a New Project (Cloud Foundry)

Navigate to File menu → click New Project from Template. (if you dont see this option, reload BAS page)

Features supported by Mobile Development Kit editor in SAP Business Application Studio are similar to the features supported by Mobile Development Kit extension for Visual Studio Code.

(open the image in new tab if gif doesn’t auto play)

Migrate MDK Project from SAP Web IDE (NEO) to SAP Business Application Studio (CF)

You can easily migrate your MDK metadata project from SAP Web IDE to SAP Business Application studio. Please follow this post.

For help with the supported MDK features in the SAP Business Application Studio please refer to the documentation here.

New to MDK development?

Follow these tutorials to learn more about Mobile development kit:


Jitendra Kansal

Product Management, SAP Mobile Services

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  • Hi,

    I am using my trail account but After MDK:Deploying i am getting the following pop as mentioned in the below screenshot. Can you explain how can i proceed further after this?and what have to been  given for the below  pop message?

    Image preview

    Image preview
      • /
        • While deploying, you need to provide CF API Endpoint followed by it's credentials. On successful CF login, it would ask you to select required Organization & space.
          You can copy the API endpoint from Cloud platform cockpit overview page. Hope this helps.
          • Hi

            Thank you for the response i have followed what you have mentioned but while deploying it asked for the CF API Endpoint as you have mention and after providing the CF API it did not ask for any credentials and straightly asked to select the required Organization & space.Is there any setup i should have done but i have missed so i am not able to select the Organization & space?

  • So, the issue might be caused by in switching endpoint, we use previous cf token.

    To solve it, you can click the bottom-right status bar to do a cf login with the new endpoint.

    We will fix this issue in next release.

    Thank you!

    • After clicking the bottom-right status bar i was able to login and able to set org and space in the menu but i'm not able to choose org and space in the specified fields. The next button remains disabled.

      • Please make sure cf login and deploy use the same api endpoint.

        if it's still not work. you can do a cf logout from cli, and then deploy.

        if it's still not work, could you help with detail steps/screenshot? My mail is:

  • [Update: 10.07.20]: For MDK related Development, SAP Business Application studio now supports Visual Editors similar to SAP Web IDE.

  • Hi,

    thank you for this Tutorial, worked for me.

    Does anybody know if it is also possible to debug the MDK App directly from SAP Business Application Studio with this example?

    I wanted to try it, but I am only able to find debugging examples for MDK-Apps from Visual Studio Code (this works, but with exporting the files, importing to VS Code, Starting Debugger,... it is not the fastest solution)

    Thank you and regards