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Preview SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2005: Next generation Kanban Board

The new SAP S/4HANA Cloud Fiori Kanban board supports especially lean production supervisors to constantly monitor kanban control cycles with their circulating containers. The graphical kanban board represents a clear picture of the current missing parts situation and bottlenecks, for example grouped by production supply area. This enables the user to quickly analyze delayed replenishment elements and take immediate actions. The board displays classic and event-driven kanban control cycles which are in status “Released” and “Locked”.

Key Capabilities of the Graphical Kanban Board

Lean Manufacturing Monitoring Tool

The graphical kanban board is the main tool for monitoring circulating kanban containers in the lean manufacturing environment. The production planner or supervisor can check the actual situation on the kanban board either in the plant, or remotely at the desk. The users can personalize the view according to their needs by defining filters and characteristics which are displayed on the board. Important information like the replenishment type can be also added as an additional column.

Support of Ad Hoc Analysis

The kanban containers are displayed in specific colors representing their actual status. Symbols indicate further details, for example, if a kanban container is locked or a separate goods receipt posting is defined. You can find the list of possible status values together with their color, and the list of all icons, in the legend. The legend can be opened via the Legend button in the list header. For further analysis the user can select a container and drill-down into the kanban container details. There he can review the documents which have been generated in the background and are assigned to the respective container. Additionally, he could also check the actual and requested quantity or further control cycle information.

Visual Alerting and Issue Solving

Following the Jidoka principle, the system automatically detects errors during production and helps to visualize them early in the process. The graphical kanban board displays kanban containers in error with a special color so that the production supervisor can quickly identify and eliminate them. On the board, the user can see what error has occurred when displaying the details of a kanban container.

Kanban Container Status Change

The user can directly trigger the replenishment for an empty container on the Kanban board. For example, for a new and released kanban control cycle, a change of the kanban container status from “Waiting” to “Empty” can be executed on the board. The system indicates the next possible container status according to the defined status sequence of the control cycle.

Reduce Errors

Poka Yoke, that is preventing incorrect operations by the user, is another important lean manufacturing principle which the graphical kanban board covers. The board displays only those kanban containers and functions which are allowed. For example, only released control cycles are displayed. If the user wants to change the status of a control cycle, only valid status changes are offered, the most important next status is prominently displayed.

To summarize the following key features are supported with the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Release 2005:

  • You can use this app to monitor the status of circulating kanban containers, in particular to identify containers that are in error status.
  • Personalize the kanban board view by using the filter, sort, and grouping functionality.
  • Search and filter options allow you to list kanban control cycles and their containers according to your criteria, for example, by specific production supply areas or by locked kanban containers.
  • See the details of a selected kanban container, such as the actual quantity or the created documents.
  • Change the kanban container status intuitively from the kanban board.


With those features the new Kanban Board supports important lean manufacturing principles to help you further optimize the material flow into production.

If you want to assign the Kanban Board Fiori app to your user, you will find the app via the App Finder, under Production Control – Kanban Monitoring.

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