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Hello SAP Community,

As we all are currently experiencing many hardships due to the ongoing pandemic all around the globe. Many of us have had an opportunity to enhance our SAP skills and other things which we always wanted to learn but always excused due to a very common reason “lack of time”.

Surprisingly, I saw I have been using most of the AGILE-SCRUM Practice to achieve my skills during this lockdown. Isn’t this very relatable? Agile can be applied to your life too and cannot be confined only to Application Projects

I would like to walk you down to my Journey of these 21 days very briefly and share my insights. I hope you have an interesting read and can relate to this.

Note: Normally Agile-Scrum has various roles like Product Owner an agile team, but here you are going as a one-man army. 


In India, the first lockdown was announced on 24th March 2020 and it was going to for 21 days. This was a good opportunity for me to enhance my skills in SAP. I decided to learn many things during the 21 days. A handful of those are given below :

  • Learning Cloud Platform Integration. ( as I am SAP PI/PO Consultant)
  • Learning B2B Add On.
  • Learning SAP UI5 and FIORI.
  • Learning to Bake.
  • Reading a Book.

The following picture depicts a lifecycle of SCRUM. This will help you relate more and we shall go stepwise on this.


Consider the things you always wanted to do/pursue or your Bucket list as Product Backlog and you are the product owner. Now take up all the priority tasks you want to complete in the next Sprint ( in my case it was 21 days or 21*10 = 210 hours). Let’s call each priority task you want to complete as Story as we call in Scrum.

Now pick a handful of the most important or relevant tasks you like to complete an this will be termed as SPRINT BACKLOG. Now that you know what has to be done? you are now ready to start with your task.



Now you have a set of stories you want to complete. Firstly break these stories into tasks. Task according to Agile means a task can be something that can be tested completely without any dependency. Here for your case also you need to divide the story merely into tasks.

For example, You want to learn to Bake

Task 1: Bring the ingredients needed.

Task 2: Preheat your oven

and so on…

Each day morning spend a few minutes with yourself and ask three main question

  1. What have I completed till now?
  2. What is left to be completed?
  3. What am I going to do today?

This will be your DAILY STAND UP MEETING – as per Agile-Scrum.



Completing your task daily is ok, but we do not live in a perfect world. Hence, we will not always complete what we thought we would at the end of the day. Hence, to track that you are on track or not, we normally create charts. In real life also, charts serve a great motivation and realization of how well you are doing or performing? This is what I did for my current scenario.

I assigned 5 points to each task. So suppose I had 11 story and each story has approximately 5 tasks then at the end of my sprint Ideally I need to achieve (11*5*5=) 275 points and each day I need to complete 13 points worth of task i.e 3 tasks per day.

Some days I achieved 20 points and someday I even went with 0 points. ( True Story)

So 13 points become the safe line. If you complete more than 13 you are ahead of your target and below 13 points you are below target.

Map your points in the chart every day ( Points collected till now + today’s points ). At the end of the sprint, you must have 275 points.

This is termed as BURN UP CHART. Similarly, you can also have a BURN-DOWN chart. The choice is yours.



At the end of 21 days, you will have what you have completed. You will have your points ( which is a great motivator ). At last review for 1-2 hours and find answers to the following questions

  1. What went well and what didn’t go well?
  2. What can be done to enhance further?
  3. Do you need to change something?

For me, It was to limit binge-watching Netflix, Amazon Prime to avoid procrastination.


I hope you liked this read and took something away from this.

Please let me know your suggestion and opinions if any.

Stay Home and Stay Safe.

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