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SAP Central Finance – How it’s different from Traditional ERP Implementations

When SAP S/4HANA Central Finance is planned to be implemented in organizations there are few points which needs to be considered as Central Finance Implementation is not a traditional ERP implementation where we follow the standard steps most of the times, usually it was ASAP methodology and now its activate. Additionally every system integrator also adds up their own ways of working including some accelerators and try to make things more specific by industry or segment of customers.

When it comes to Central Finance implementation, it is not that way. In this blog, we will only focus on the core of Central Finance, which is the load, & replication of data. Of Course during the journey in the program lot of other financial processes like Central Payments, Central Credit management etc. can be touched or changed.

What I have seen is that Initial Load is generally termed as Data Migration (of course it’s a migration of data from one system to other but not a typical data ,migration as we usually do in ERP implementation where we use ETL (Extract – Transform – Load) method and move the data from legacy to any other ERP.

Just a summary of what CFIN project IS and what CFIN project is NOT:



This is all based on my personal experience as I have worked on several SAP Central Finance implementations and have worked with several customers, customer senior stakeholder, system integrators, consultants and partner organizations. It may or may not be similar to what other think or experience.

A lot more is there to share and will keep on sharing.

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    • Thanks Ganesh. Lot of content in posted here itself in terms of blogs.. no plan to write a dedicated CFiN book as of now...

  • Hi Nitin Sir,

    Thank you so much.

    Normally people look at us weird in IT field if we call them as Sir, I can simply say you deserve that.

    The information you are posting is  very helpful for people who has not worked in implementations.

  • Do you have a write up or have you carried out a Readiness Check or Scan for Central Finace for an organisation to support or justify their business case to proceed with CFIN or to abort CFIN?

    • Hello


      yes I have done that and assisted customers with their decision to implement or not to implement cfin.

      don’t have a write up for this as it’s more about customer background and future vision which drives the strategy.



      • Thanks for the prompt feedback. Is there a checklist or something one can use to engage with the customer, so that one can use that repeatedly? and maybe develop it into a solution / product "CFIN Readiness Scan / Check"