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Author's profile photo Samir Dutta

ABAP Dump:CALLBACK_REJECTED_BY_WHITELIST resolution into SE51 Screen Painter layout


I am working on S/4HANA 1909 FPS01 release as a partner. Post Installation, we faced few issues and one of the issues related to Screen Painter Layout.

In this Blog we will learn how to resolve ABAP Dump while opening Screen layout editor in SE51.

In S/4HANA, during initial setup or post upgrade the Profile parameter rfc/callback_security_method  is set as “3” for Higher security and System starts giving ABAP dump while opening the Screen Painter Layout.


It will help to those who are installing/upgrading S/4HANA  and sets the Security profile paramater and after the required configuration/Setting, Layout Editor will open.



When we analyze the ABAP Dump in ST22, we  understand that it has been occuring due to missing of few Whitelist Function Modules into TCP/IP Destiation Port EU_SCRP_WN32.


Go to SM59 and expand TCP/IP Connection for Port “EU_SCRP_WN32”. Go inside this Destination as below. Goto Logon & Security tab.

We need to add below Callback Positive( Whitelist) List FMs. These callback FMs are called while opening the Screen Painter. If we miss any of the FMs then ABAP dump will be continued.














Called Function is RS_SCRP_GF_PROCESS_640 & Callback function are different.

Called FM                                            Callback FM














Once these FMs are maintained then Layout will open. This is how security is maintained while calling RFC with destination parameter.




I would like to mention that because of below Parameter profile set as 3 , we get RFC callback check secure is set as Green else it is shown as Red.


 You can see RFC Callback status is Green as highlighred.



Apprecite your comments!!

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      Author's profile photo Matthew Billingham
      Matthew Billingham

      Just for interest see my question and the answers here:

      This issue I was getting was debugging not working with unit tests, and was related to rfc/ext_debugging. It turned out that the recommend value for this parameter was (incorrectly) zero!

      It would be quite nice if it were hardcoded to 3.

      Armin Beil said

      Parameter rfc/ext_debugging should be 3 in all systems. Details are described in note 668256.

      Also, this configuration issue is not limited to ADT. If you create an external breakpoint in SAP GUI then it will also not stop for external requests like RFC or HTTP (OData). At least for the system where the value is 0 the SAP GUI debugger will also not work. Debugging your report from ADT worked because the embedded SAP GUI (just like the standalone SAP GUI) connects to the ABAP server via DIAG, not via RFC or HTTP.

      A colleague from ABAP kernel will also follow up on this topic:
      - The default value for this parameter is already 3, but it seems that the "recommended value" is actually 0. He will double check whether we can change that recommended value also to 3, in order to avoid future misconfigurations by admins.
      - He will also check whether it's possible to just remove this quite old profile parameter completely and just "hard code" the value to 3 in the kernel
      - I will check whether we should extend the ADT backend configuration guide


      Author's profile photo Aleksandar Mijailovic
      Aleksandar Mijailovic

      Dear Matthew Billingham ,


      today, I experienced the same strange behaviour! Thank you for pointing me to the solution!

      Author's profile photo Matthew Billingham
      Matthew Billingham

      I raised it as an issue with my client. Now the basis team are saying it needs to be applied in test and production (which it does, but I only care about development). Now there's discussion about whether applying it to production fits in with the security policy.

      Which it must, otherwise, debugging of RFCs is no longer possible...

      Author's profile photo Fuentes Tafall Xavier
      Fuentes Tafall Xavier

      Look for OSS notes like 2251931 - Runtime error CALLBACK_REJECTED_BY_WHITELIST in graphical Screen Painter.

      (Use keywords like EU_SCRP_WN32, name of the RFC connection for graphical screen painter, connection fail and got editor back in time...)

      Author's profile photo B S
      B S

      Thank you. That was exactly the solution to the problem.

      Author's profile photo Aleksandar Mijailovic
      Aleksandar Mijailovic

      Thank you Samir Dutta  !

      I had this issue already twice and now decided to investigate a bit more. Thank you for providing the answer & solution!


      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Jigang Zhang 张吉刚
      Jigang Zhang 张吉刚

      Thanks for sharing. I haven't encountered this but very likely in future : D

      Author's profile photo Harri Reshetnyak
      Harri Reshetnyak


      Author's profile photo Clément NGUYEN VAN THAN
      Clément NGUYEN VAN THAN

      Check this note