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Author's profile photo Ruchi Tandon

Time Account Payouts/Leave Cashout – Whats New for Payouts in EC Time in b2005!!

Welcome Back!! This is my first blog as a product manager for EC Time and I am so excited to share all cool features which we develop to make EC Time Off more complete with features and functionality to enhance your experience. Heres one cool enhancement to our b2005 which is sure to delight you!

Background Information

Employee Central Time is on an accelerated path to deliver innovation and one such feature that can benefit all our customers who have Implemented Time Off or in process of implementing it is Time Account Payout or in more common terms called Leave Cashout. Using this feature your employees or time administrators can request cash for their unused leave balances against time accounts as an additional benefit in accordance with statutory requirements of your country and your company policy. It also allows you to payoff employees accrued and entitled leave (vacation/sick) balances when they leave the company as part of termination settlement.

Scenarios for Cashout

1: Unused Leave/Vacation Balance at the end of the booking period

2: Employee transfers form accrual based vacation plan to a freedom plan (Unlimited PTO plan)

3: When the employee is terminated.

4: Unused Personal Days (Sick Days)

5: Cashout for accrued Comp Time Balance.

With correct policy guidelines that do not discourage employees to take vacation, this can be a great benefit to introduce in your organization that boosts employee morale by giving them more control over their vacation benefit.


Why should you implement this?

Lower your financial Liability

Many organizations have the policy to roll over vacation balances from past year to next year resulting in employees have a large vacation balances increasing the financial liability of the company. Allowing cashout will definitely help you lower that financial debt of your company.

Implement flex benefit for your employees

This benefit can provide additional cash to your employees during the time they need it the most and relieve you of your financial liability . It is one of the hot benefits on the flex benefit list. It also gives them more control of using their balances in ways thats important to them.

Included with Employee Central Time OFF

This is included without Employee Central Time Off offering so as a customer you can get huge value in implementing this feature without having to pay additional license or consulting cost. The self service capability will definitely lower your administrative burden and also provide wonderful user experience to your end users

Feature Rich

Using the Time Account payout Features, customers can empower their employees to request cash out from any type of eligible time accounts through a simplified user experience. Alternately a manager or an admin can also enter a payout request on behalf of the employee. Customers can implement their business validations on newly created payout requests by configuring business rules using the Payout Validation Rule Scenario and workflow request can be created for payouts entered by employees.


What’s new in b2005!!

The feature to request payout on time account has been part of EC Time Off for more than two years. However previously only Time admins were able to create payouts using Time Admin Workbench payout tabs or an HR admin at the time of terminating an employee for eligible time accounts. There was a long standing influence ticket by many of our customers to add self service capabilities to this. We listened to you and we delivered a simplified feature rich self service experience for your employees to request payouts. Here is what’s new !!!!


Action Search/New Home Page Tile for Payouts.

We have delivered an action search capability for your employees to do action search or launch the payout dashboard from the home page tile

Please note you can customize action search so your employees can search for terms more relevant to your business like Leave Cashout, Leave Sell.

Payout Dashboard

This is the landing page when your users come to when they click on Action Search or Home page tile. It show only those time accounts that are eligible for self service. Employees can click on request balance on any time account to request a payout

Simplified User Experience

While they are many fields that are available to the admin while requesting the payout, we have simplified the employee experience to request payouts to provide input for only for the necessary fields: number of days/hours for payouts and optional fields such as attachment which users can use to add supporting documents.

Customers also configure custom help text in the top that can take employees to the company policy page using embedded hyperlinks.

Business Validation

Customers can now configure their own business logic by creating business rules using the new Time Account Payout Validation rule scenario. It gives you more power to implement rules that support your company policy


The above error message “You cannot request more than 40 hours” is returned as a result of configured business rule which prevents your users form requesting payouts more than 40 hours.


We support workflow capabilities for payouts. The employee can see the approval hierarchy at the time of submit and and click on approver icon in the dashboard at any time to view the status of their payout approval.



I hope you enjoyed  reading and learning about our new feature.Stay tuned for my new blog on step by step configuration instructions for Payouts !!!

In the meantime here is link for documentation and test cases that you can refer to. Your feedback/comments will be hugely appreciated and also let me know if you have any questions on the feature.

UPDATE: Here is my new blog on how to roll out Payout feature in EC Time for your company.





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      Author's profile photo Vinodh L K
      Vinodh L K

      A clean blog with simple step by step explanation covering the entire depth of the functionality.


      Thanks for the same.

      Author's profile photo Ruchi Tandon
      Ruchi Tandon
      Blog Post Author

      Thank so much Vinodh.

      Author's profile photo Abhiram Bakaraju
      Abhiram Bakaraju

      Excellent blog Ruchi!

      Unable to access test cases link always get error 403: You don’t have rights to view this page.

      Just a question of validation rule. Is it possible to restrict max of 2 weeks cashout in period of 12 months? I tried various functions in Time account payout validation but couldn’t get desired result.


      Author's profile photo Ruchi Tandon
      Ruchi Tandon
      Blog Post Author

      Yes Abhiram there is a way to restrict cahsout to max 2 weeks in period of 12 months. You can try Get Balance For Posting Types In Period(). I am able to access the test cases. You will need access to offcial SAP documentation on

      Author's profile photo Saravanan Varadhan
      Saravanan Varadhan

      Do we have option for bulk processing by time off admin.

      Author's profile photo Janeth Cáceres
      Janeth Cáceres

      Hi Ruchi

      This message appears every time every time we add request to Payout time, and it appears for each field that is completed:  "Valuation of Payout will be done in Payroll"

      it is possible to hide this warning message ?

      Thanks for your help


      Author's profile photo Mark Ruffle
      Mark Ruffle

      Hi Ruchi,

      Great and useful blog.

      I have a similar question to Janeth above however our "Valuation of Payout will be done in Payroll" is a pop up window and not included in the body of the pay out screen as per your screen shots above.

      Do we have choice not to have it as a pop window?

      Thank you,


      Author's profile photo Antonio Pellegrino
      Antonio Pellegrino

      Hey great Blog,


      Just following Mark and Janeth queries, This message appears every time we add request to Payout time, and it appears for each field that is completed:  "Valuation of Payout will be done in Payroll".

      it is possible to hide this warning message?





      Author's profile photo Sem Meereboer
      Sem Meereboer

      Hello Antonio Pellegrino , Mark Ruffle , Janeth Cáceres 

      We found that it's not possible unfortunately. But you can change the label of the message to say something less confusing via Manage Languages (use the token TIMEANDLABOR_PAYOUT_VALUATION_DONE_IN_PAYROLL)

      We have changed the text to: You will not be able to change your request after approval.

      Kind regards


      Author's profile photo Guhan Sivakumar
      Guhan Sivakumar

      Great Idea