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In-House Repair in S/4HANA Service – Start with an Overview

Introduction to the in-house repair process:

In-House Repair supports companies that offer a repair and maintenance service for products. This service is performed in-house at repair centers.

The in-house repair process provides core activities for repair and maintenance such as prechecking, planning, repairing, and triggering billing for the repair objects.

You can view this demo to see how it looks like:


(Please logon to the community to watch the video).

For more information, see SAP S/4HANA Cloud / Service / In-House Repair on the SAP Help Portal and In-House Repair (3XK) on SAP Best Practices Explorer.

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  • Customer Service (CS) is available for S/4HANA OnPrem only, not in S/4HANA cloud. CS component is part of the "compatability scope", i. e. SAP applications that will be supported in S/4HANA for a limited time, see SAP note 2269324 - Compatibility Scope Matrix for SAP S/4HANA on-premise

    There will be new scenario "invoiced service/maintenance" with all logistics integration MM etc. including PM orders that are invoiced by service orders. Delivery of this will start with S/4HANA OnPrem 2021. For S/4HANA cloud, the service component will continue to deliver more logistics integration in the future.

  • Hi

    I'm looking for the best practice szenarion for the release 2020, but for the on prem system. Is there one hi could give me a replay?

    Beat regards


  • Hello Udo

    Thank you for the link for this Demo Script. This is very good, but a systemguide what I have do to on the system like the Setting Up Service Order Management (41Z). This would be very helpfull.

    Best regards


    • Hello Beat,

      sorry, such a guide is not yet available. This guide presupposes the best practices content for 41Z and this is currently not yet available for in-house repair scenario. We have it on our road map but I cannot say when it will be available.

      Best Regards,

  • Hello Udo,

    We just implemented S/4 Hana 2020 on prem.  I am trying to execute the Demo Script for SAP s/4HANA 2020 Fully-Activated Appliance:  Service - Inhouse Repair.  I am getting an error during the precheck step when I chose decision "Start Repair".  The error is "Check the processing status '2'"  CRMS4_REPAIR_BO019.  Is there some configuration set up that is required that does not come with Best Practice activation?

    Thank you,


    • Hello Gina,

      I'm quite sure that there is something missing or wrongly configured in action defintion customizing. But it's not related to any BP activation because for in-house repair we don't deliver any Best Practices. Let me clarify that.

      Thank you,

  • Thank you Udo for the quick response.  Can you point me to the customizing menu path for the action definition you are referring to?  I have checked a lot of the configuration and all seems to look ok, but maybe I missed this step.



    • Hello Gina,

      could please check if all in-house repair relevant status profiles (REPA20__) (which are required for all actions) are available in your client.

      If this doesn’t work, I would suggest that you create a support ticket.
      Logon to the SAP Support Portal with your S-user ID and password:


      • Hi!

        SAP Service - Inhouse Repair

        We have the same problem with missing status profile REPA2002, which is defined in SAP standard for the item type REPI.

        This status scheme is not existing in CRMBS02.

        So the Fiori Apps for in-house repair are not working, because the missing repair object status definition leads to no further action opportunities:


        • Hallo Michael,

          Ich habe das Statusschema mit der TA BS02 gepflegt. Dort habe ich das REPA2002 gefunden.

          IMG ServiceTransactions Basic Settings Status Management Define Status Profile for User Status.



          • Hi Beat!

            Thank you for your answer.

            The status profile is also not in TC BS02. (system rel S42020FPS1).

            But today I found the missing profile REPA2002 in the 000er client 🙂

            So, I give feedback, if the in-house repair apps are working after customizing the missing REPA2002 in the productive client.

            I hope I dont forget 🙂




          • Hi!


            Although I customized REPA2002 for Repairobjectstatus, there is no change in behaviour of the App.

            As you can see, it should look like this (with the progress steps and the status displayed for the repair object):


            But it looks like this in my case:


            Help or input would be very very very nice 🙂




          • Hi Michael

            I have at my customzing information this:

            ServiceTransactions Basic Settings Status Management Define Status Profile for User Status

            What have you in this table?

            User Status Profile for Repair Object Item (REPI) [REPA2002]:

            Status Profile
            Status Profile REPA2002 Description Repair Object Status (Item)
            Object Type CRM Order Item
            User Status
            Stat. No. Status Short Text Long Int. Stat. Low. High. Pos. Prio Auth. code Business Transaction
              RPO [E0001] Repair Order Exists                
            10 NEW [E0001] New   X 10 90 1 1   OPEN (Open)
            20 CHCK [E0003] Precheck: Decision Pending     10 90 1 1   INPR (In Process)
            Business Transaction No Influ. Allowed Warn Forbidd. No act. Set Del.
            INPR (Edit) [I1003] X         X  
            22 CHCO (E0004) Precheck: Define Details     10 90 1 1    
            40 PLAN [E0005] Plan     20 50 1 1    
            50 REPR [E0006] Repair     40 80 1 1    
            80 BILL [E0007] Bill     50 90 1 1    
            90 COMP [E0008] Completed     80 90 1 1   FINI (Complete)
            Business Transaction No Influ. Allowed Warn Forbidd. No act. Set Del.
            Completed [I1005] X         X  

            I have a other problem which i had to open a OSS Note.



  • Thans Eirick for this blog.

    I am SAP CS consultant. Its good to know that Repair Order process is now supported in S/4 Hana 2020.

  • Hallo zusammen,

    DANKE Oliver für den Link, In diesem Link sind auch die anderen Produkte aufgeführt. Welche der "New Service" müsste wir hier in die Selektion nehmen, dass wir einen guten Überblick bekommen?

    Das würde uns sicher für das schnellere Eingrenzen helfen, um damit wir auch sicher zum Ziel kommen.


    Mit freundlichen Grüssen