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SAP for Me Webinar Series (Old blog post. Note first paragraph of the blog.)

Important Information —————————————————————————————————–

The blog post below is now out of date. The links there no longer work because the providing platform removed the videos without my knowledge. I myself am also no longer actively responsible for the SAP for Me customer portal. However, this does not mean that SAP for Me is no longer being pursued. On the contrary. SAP for Me continues to move forward, has more users today than ever before, and continues to grow.

New webinars can be found here in the meantime:

Best regards

Important Information —————————————————————————————————–



>>> Old Blog

As mentioned in my previous blog “SAP for Me – Almost one year later”, our Open Beta phase is almost over. It’s time to spread the news and start explaining SAP for Me in more detail, now.

To do so, we launched an SAP for Me webinar series and will soon start a blog series as well to accompany the webinar series for those who prefer reading blogs to watching videos.


SAP for Me – Overview

You are waiting for a digital place at SAP that knows you and our product portfolio? A place you can always go to, to find the information you need to take action? You don’t need to wait any longer: It’s SAP for Me and it is there. In this session, you will learn more about its capabilities, benefits and the future direction.

Recording – English Version / Spanish Version

Presentation Material (PDF) –  English Version / Spanish Version

Blog Post – English Version


SAP Universal ID – A key foundation of SAP for Me

SAP Universal ID (UID) serves our vision to enable a centralized user management concept that supports a unified login experience and one authorization concept across all SAP platforms. Learn more about SAP Universal ID, how you can get your own UID and how SAP is going to expand its scope.

Recording | Presentation Material (PDF) | Blog Post


Finance & Legal aspects in SAP for Me

You need more transparency across your purchased SAP product portfolio and its financial aspects. What are the licensed materials you have ordered and how is the current consumption? In this session you will learn how SAP for Me provides that insight and which additional functionality will be released.

Recording | Presentation Material (PDF) | Blog Post


Context-driven knowledge & learning
with SAP for Me

Learning is a continuous process to ensure best knowledge for your employees. Being in charge of enabling your users, you need to know which learning and knowledge is available. As a user, you need to keep your learning progress and achievements under control. In this session, you will learn how SAP for Me helps you in both aspects.

Recording | Presentation Material (PDF) | Blog Post


Transparency on systems & provisioning
with SAP for Me

What are the systems behind your purchased SAP products? What is their status, what was their availability and which systems are in the provisioning pipeline? SAP for Me helps you with these questions and this session will explain how. You will also learn, how we are going to extend SAP for Me to provide even more transparency over time.

Recording | Presentation Material


Core features of SAP for Me in practice

SAP for Me has a lot to provide. Besides its specific business-related capabilities, it comes with central functions like the central communication center, or the central calendar. In this session we are going to show you the central functions that already exist and will provide an outlook on more to coming soon.

Recording | Presentation Material



All the best and stay healthy,

JJ (Twitter: @JJComment)

Chief Product Owner of SAP for Me



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      Author's profile photo Brian Mboya
      Brian Mboya

      This is a really informative webinar and the details shared are profoundly beneficial and relevant for the world today. I recommend it to all SAP Partners

      Author's profile photo Christoph Ostrop
      Christoph Ostrop

      we are in dec. 2021 now, 2nd saeson has not yet taken place?

      is the new product "" still in the focus of SAP?

      as always with new SAP products, after the announcement it is best to wait for 2 years (because new, incomplete, faulty), then (after 2 years) the new product may actually be usable, or it may already be canceled again?


      Author's profile photo Oguzhan Genis
      Oguzhan Genis

      Hello Christoph,

      Thank you for your follow-up. SAP for Me is successfully up and running. Just a few days ago we had our online User Conference with and overview about the latest and greatest capabilities and customer / partner references.  SAP | Second Virtual User Conference

      I will provide the recording in one of my next blog posts here in our community.

      There are also many very valuable blog posts under the tag "SAP for Me" published in 2021 by different experts including the Partner Ecosystem team. There you can see that we launched many new capabilities.

      So, the SAP Community is a good place to stay up-to-date regarding SAP for Me. There were several internal and external online events this year to get more detailed overviews, too.

      The 2nd season of this detailed capability view webinar series is planned to be continued end of Q1/22.

      Examples of recent blog posts:

      Experience the Newly Designed Services & Support and Systems & Provisioning Dashboards in SAP for Me

      SAP for Me Guides for Partner Roles

      How can I pay invoices as a customer via credit card in SAP for Me?


      Please read also my latest article and interview in SAP News:

      Ask an Expert: SAP for Me

      Unified View and Digital Autonomy: The Future of Our Customer Relationships with SAP for Me


      Hope this provides more details about SAP for Me. If not yet done, please try it out.

      Thanks and best regards,


      Author's profile photo Gibran Romero Serrano
      Gibran Romero Serrano

      Hi Juergen,

      Will there be new demo sessions available?

      WIll there be demo sessions in other languages?


      Thanks and best regards,


      Author's profile photo Dee Crews
      Dee Crews

      Hi sorry but the demo links dont work - can you check they are accurate as we would like to show the demo and tour videos on Sap for Me to the team (I cant find them easily anywhere else)


      Author's profile photo Amanda Gong
      Amanda Gong

      Hi Dee,

      You can try the demo version via then click 'Try our Demo'.

      And for more information, you can read here: Goodbye SAP ONE Support Launchpad! Welcome SAP for Me! | SAP Blogs


      Kind Regards,


      Author's profile photo Juergen Jakowski
      Juergen Jakowski
      Blog Post Author

      Please note the "Important Information" addition I just added to this blog post. 🙂


      All the best,