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Posting goods issue from Transportation management (TM) simplified in embedded TM in S/4HANA

SAP embedded Transportation Management ( TM ) in 1709 release with several simplifications in business process / functionalities and this process of further simplifications are being continued in every releases of s74HAN. My present blog is to ‘Post Goods issue in ERP delivery from TM’.

Standalone TM requires Web service , batch program to ‘Post Goods issue in ERP delivery’ as described in SAP Help document in below link Posting of Goods Issue from TM has now been simplified significantly in embedded TM of S/4HANA as shown in below image.

 When the picking and loading of goods are complete and the event ‘Departure’ is set in Freight order (FO) of embedded TM, then ‘Post goods issue (PGI)’ is done immediately on the S/4HANA outbound delivery as shown in below image. Check the timestamp on event ‘Departure’ in FO and ‘Goods issue’ in S/4HANA delivery showing ‘Immediate processing’.

Note the important settings to achieve this functionality of ‘Post Goods issue in ERP delivery from TM’ in SAP IMG menu path ransportation management->Freight order management->Freight order->Define freight order types.

Also note the following

  • The event to trigger ‘Post goods issue’ need not be ‘Departure’, it can also be like ‘Loading end’ etc to suit or map the corresponding business scenario / process.
  • Business process considered in this blog corresponds to ‘Goods issue’ from Inventory managed (IM)’ storage location i.e not from an EWM(Extended warehouse management) managed storage location. Business / customers generally prefer to trigger ‘Goods issue’ from EWM if the goods are issued from EWM managed storage location
  • Test scenario in this blog is from S/4HANA 1909 release, however this functionality can also be achieved with S/4HANA 1809 release as stated in SAP note 280773 with implementation of SAP notes 2766523 and 2744113.

This synchronous posting of Goods issue on S/4HANA delivery from embedded TM will reduce the co-ordination between Transportation execution & order management team and manual effort with improvement in efficiency in Supply chain execution.

This blog is based on my personal tests and observations. Will appreciate your feedback, comments, suggestions.

With regards,


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  • Thank you Mrinal for this insightful blog.

    With the embedded TM I have been able to achieve the automatic freight unit creation in TM, but some how I am missing the configuration for enabling the transportation planning in transportation cockpit.

    It would be quite helpful if you can blog for this based on your tests.

    • Thanks Amrita.. Good to know that the blog is useful..

      Will try to blog on how to set up transportation cockpit (if bandwidth permits) ..



      • Hi Mrinal,

        I am setting up the embedded TM without EWM integration and setting the ‘Departure’ event in Freight order is not triggering the PGI for the Delivery created for the Freight order.

        It seems the picked qty is not updated. Can you share what configuration is required for updating the picked qty on the Delivery created .

        Also even though the freight order type has the setting for the PGI on 'Departure' the Goods issue is not posted.

        It would help me a lot, if you can share this detail.




        • Hi Amrita,

          It appears that you have set the relevant configurations . Is your system 1909 or previous release. If 1809, then 2 notes need to be implemented.

          With regards,


          • The system is on 1909 on-premise edition, but we have not bought the license for the advanced shipping functionalities for embedded TM. Do you think this might be the reason?

          • I observed when I was doing some more tests. It appears that PGI is not getting triggered unless other events like 'Lodaing begin' and 'Loading end' are also triggered prior to 'Departure'. Set those events if not triggered earlier..

          • Thanks Mrinal,

            I tried to do all steps like ‘set ready for transportation’,’In Execution, Loading begin, loading end and then departure, still the GI is not posted. Dont know what is missing. Is SAP Event Management also required?

            Could you share the picture of TM status tab view for Deliveries set with status ‘Departure’.

            For me the execution status remains ‘in execution’, even when I have put it to status ‘Set to departed’


            Also in the screenshots you have shared, why is there 2 hour difference in the timestamps for GI and Departure. Seems that GI has been posted before the departure set for the Freight order.


            Kindly help




          • Hi Amrita,

            Thanks for indicating the time difference. I now realize that time is S/4HANA core is 2 hours behind the actual time , though TM is right . Quite strange , I need to find the reason for it.

            But , notice that the timestamp in delivery and freight unit creation . FU gets created at the same time of delivery creation , but there is the difference of 2 hours. PGI has happened on 'Departure' from FO.



          • Yes Mrinal, I agree with you that the GI is done after the Departure.The same kind of time difference I am also observing in my system, but its behind by 1 hr.

            I also wanted to share another observation with you.

            Even though I have set the 'Expected Goods Issue' to 'Departure' in the FO type customizing, I am finding that the Freight order created does not have this field updated in the back end table.

            Even though I tried to manipulate the table to trigger GI on Departure, I was not successful.

            Look forward to your next reply


          • Hi Amrita,


            I am facing the same issue as you did. The picked qty is not updated while doing a PGI from TM. Could you help me what was the resolution?

  • Hi Mrinal,


    Very informative blog,I like your blogs.


    Could you please write a blog with step by step integration process between ERP-EWM-TM in S4 Hana system.

    Thank you



  • Hi Mrinal,

    Thanks for nice blog.

    as per the suggestion, I did the configuration. but its not working for me.

    are we need to setup anything at FU level also?

    FYI - We are using S4HANA 1909 only.

  • Thank you for this informative post that has helped us a lot.

    Unfortunately, the goods issue posting works only for non-ewm relevant deliveries.
    Therefore, we had to automate the goods issue posting via enhancement in an implementation where TM and EWM were integrated without TU. When the TU is used, goods issue can be posted from EWM and TM is updated in standard via an automatic DEPARTURE or LOAD_END event.

    When, no TU is used and the TM freight order is used to link the FUs/deliveries, the goods issue may be posted from TM triggered by the departure event. Unfortunately, that does not work with above solution. Since some customers try to avoid having TU + FO because of known synchronization problems, this requirement exists in practice.

    I hope very much that SAP will develop solutions to integrate EWM-related goods issue postings too.