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Author's profile photo Kazuhisa Iwamoto

Create Custom fields for Business Partner SAP Fiori screens in SAP S/4HANA On Premise

This blog will seeing how to add custom fields to Business Partner SAP Fiori screen.
I used SAP S/4HANA OP1809, however it works on SAP S/4HANA OP1909 and SAP S/4HANA OP2020.

Preparation:Create a Role for Using Key User Extensibility

Tr-cd: pfcg

Input Role code and click “Single Role” button.

Input Role description and click “Menu” tab.

At “Save the role” popup, click “Yes”

Check flag on. Click “Insert Node” and select “SAP Fiori Tile Catalog”.

Select “SAP_BASIS_BC_EXT” and click enter button.

Cancel see application log.

Click “Insert Node” and select “SAP Fiori Tile Group”.

Select “SAP_BASIS_BCG_EXT” and click enter button.

Save the role.

Tr-cd: su01

Assign the role to a user.

  • The Fiori Catalog ID and The Fiori Tile Group are valid only from OP1809.
  • Up to OP1709 they are different. For the Further detail please see “Custom Fields and Logic (F1481)” of Fiori Apps library.

Caution!!: You have to add the role “SAP_UI_FLEX_KEY_USER” in order to use “Adapt UI” upper from OP1909.


How to create custom fields in Fiori

Logon Fiori as the user which the role assigned.

Click “Custom Fields and Logic”

Click “+” button.

Select “Business Context” from pulldown menu.

“Partner Sales area core view” is related to sales area data of customer business partner. (table: KNVV)

“Customer Company code Core” is related to company code data of customer business partner. (table: KNB1)

“Customer Core view” is related to general data of customer business partner. (table: KNA1)

“Supplier Company Code Core” is related to company code data of supplier business partner. (table: LFB1)

“Supplier Core View” is related to general data of Supplier business partner. (table: LFA1)

“Supplier Purchasing Org Core” is related to Purchase organization data of customer business partner. (table: LFM1)

“Label” is shown as the custom field name in the related Fiori screen.

“Type” is data type

Click “Save and Edit”.

“Translate” for Translation. Click “UIs and Reports” tab.

Click “Enable” button and save button.

Click “Publish” button.

“Publishing” takes quite log time. Please be patient until “Published”

  • If you want to use SOAP or IDOC, you can also enabled and save them.
  • You can also use Class “CL_MD_BP_MAINTAIN”


How to Edit Business Partner SAP Fiori screen

Tr-cd: su01

Add business roles “SAP_UI_FLEX_KEY_USER” to the editor’s User ID.

Logon Fiori via the editor user.

Click “Customer Master” tile.

  • For supplier, click “Supplier Master” tile of “Supplier” group.

Select a master which contains FLCU00 and FLCU01. Click “>”Allow button.

  • For supplier, select “FLVN00” and “FLVN01”.

Click “Person” button.

Click “Adapt UI”.

Click “Navigation” button and “Sales Area” tab.

Click “>” Arrow button.

Click “UI Adaption” button.

Right click. “Create Group” menu appears and select it.

Input Group name.

Click the Group. Then menu appears. Select “+” add

Select the created custom filed and “OK” button.

Click “Publish” button.

If you want to transport, then set the transport request No.

Click “Save & Exit”.



You can input the custom field. It works fine! Save it.

Display it.



You can see how to add custom fields to Business Partner SAP Fiori screen.


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Appendix:Online Help and other

Adapting the UI of an SAP Fiori App at Runtime

Extensibility wiki

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      Author's profile photo Jocelyn Dart
      Jocelyn Dart

      Thanks Kazuhisa-san - that's a nice example.

      I have added this blog to the Extensibility page of the SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA wiki

      Author's profile photo Fernando Martin
      Fernando Martin

      Arigato gozaimasu for your blog Kazuhisa. Very instructive, well detailed and useful.

      For the technical guys it is interesting to see how Append is added automatically to table KNVV. I got it without editing the table with SE11.

      I also wanted to comment that the extra field is added automatically to the data migration cockpit file template without manual intervention with LTMOM (data migration modeller):

      and also the the data migration modeller has new field:

      Author's profile photo Wanderson Carvalho dos Santos
      Wanderson Carvalho dos Santos

      Hi, Kazuhisa-san,

      that's a nice example.

      I have a similar scenario, but I need the field to be inserted in the BUT000 table. is this possible ?



      Author's profile photo Kazuhisa Iwamoto
      Kazuhisa Iwamoto
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Wanderson,

      I think that it is possible.



      Author's profile photo wanderson carvalho
      wanderson carvalho

      Thanks for the example !!!!

      Author's profile photo Sean House
      Sean House

      Timing on this is great because I had a similar question.  Let's say I want to add a field that would be relevant for the Customer and Vendor.  I could add it to BUT000  (as you have shown) but I want these fields to also be copied to KNA1 (customer general view not sales view) and LFA1 (vendor general view) for use in logistics transactions.  Can I assign the same field to three Business Contexts (Business Partner Core View, Customer Core View and Vendor Core View) or do I need to create 3 fields with the same type and do some sort of value mapping?

      Sean House

      Author's profile photo Kazuhisa Iwamoto
      Kazuhisa Iwamoto
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Sean,

      I assume that you can add same field to KUNA1 and LFA1 by using append method manually. And manually you have to develop addon program for copying from BUT000 to both table.

      I recommend read the custom field in BUT000 instead of copying KNA1 and LFA1. Because there is no screen for KNA1 and LFA1 on the Fiori Apps and difficult to treat them.

      Best regards, Kaz

      Author's profile photo Harald Muell
      Harald Muell

      Hello Kazuhisha,

      great blog - thanks!

      I'm currently strugeling with a different scenarion - I enhanced the business partner on ECC with a additional customer table via EEWB to store multiple customer specific records per business partner - this worked great, it generated all relevant function modules and customizing for BDT.

      Now I need a similar feature for S/4 but EEWB is not supported anymore. Is there a mechanism in the extensibility tool for such a requirement?

      Best regards,



      Author's profile photo Saumya Das
      Saumya Das

      Hi Kazuhisa,

      Does adding custom fields via CFL adds it at GUI (Screen) level also?

      Author's profile photo Kazuhisa Iwamoto
      Kazuhisa Iwamoto
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Saumya,

      The custom fields can't be add at GUI Level.