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Author's profile photo Noel Munday

Connecting SAC to AO (Analysis Office)

Use case

You would like to use Analysis Office (AO) as a user interface for SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) but unsure how to configure the connection.

Perhaps you opened AO and went directly to “Insert data source” but a blank screen just popped up.


Useful links

User guide:

AO help pages, blogs and more:



1. Use an AO version which supports SAC connection. At the time of writing this was 2.8. Notice the file name AOFFICESAC… This version is for 64-bit but select the correct version for your landscape.


2. Open AO, select “Insert Data Source” and Right-click in the open area


3. The pop-up for adding an SAC connection appears and you can select it


Note: If the option for selecting an SAC Connection does not appear then goto the FILE menu option and select ANALYSIS –> CUSTOMIZE ANALYSIS –> OPTIONS. Under the PLATFORM tab select SAC as your preferred platform.


4. Follow the screens and capture a connection description and the SAC URL. You can also select the check-box to enable connections to LIVE DATA CONNECTIONS. (So that answers that question if you were wondering – yes, live data connections are supported)


5. As you might have expected you need to logon to SAC.


6. After logging on your SAC acquired data models as well as live data connections are exposed and you can select any of them as a data source for AO.


7. On opening the data source an initial screen is presented with source data if available


8. If you select the COMPONENT tab and then the PLANNING tab under properties you will see the write-back system link to the SAC model

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      Author's profile photo Stein Moshuus
      Stein Moshuus

      How can admin set the SAC connection in the setup file?

      Author's profile photo Arpan Gupta
      Arpan Gupta


      I am also struggling to find the same? Did you get something around this?


      Author's profile photo Stein Moshuus
      Stein Moshuus

      Nope! But we added it to the software installation setup.

      Author's profile photo Oliver Pellaton
      Oliver Pellaton


      could you explain in a few words how you "added it to the software installation setup"?



      Author's profile photo Roger Heckly
      Roger Heckly

      Could you please let us know where you added it in the software installation setup?

      The connection is located in

      C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\SAP AG\SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis\BocSystems.xml


      Author's profile photo Vipul Gupta
      Vipul Gupta

      you can save the https url in User roaming file - BocSystems.xml    placed at location:

      C:\Users\*******\AppData\Roaming\SAP AG\SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis



      Author's profile photo Arpan Gupta
      Arpan Gupta

      How can we roll it out for all users, so that every user need not to do it manually?



      Author's profile photo Noel Munday
      Noel Munday
      Blog Post Author



      Currently there is no other way to perform this connection other than each user entering the URL.




      Author's profile photo Karan Sehjpal
      Karan Sehjpal

      Hi Noel Munday


      I have a question, will it possible to replace the system in case of SAC connection as we do for the BW connection.


      Thanks in Advance.




      Author's profile photo Noel Munday
      Noel Munday
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Karan,

      The two connections are slightly different scenarios because the BW connection to SAC is a live connection using an oData data source which is typically a BW Query so wherever the BW Query is transported it can be used as a source for SAC i.e. you can stay on a single SAC tenant and point to any BW system where this query has been transported. So SAC is the front-end and BW is the backend.

      In the case of AO connection to an SAC model as described above, AO is the front-end and SAC is the backend so if the SAC model id does not change you can change the SAC connection id which is what you will do when you migrate the SAC model between SAC tenants e.g. going from a private test tenant to a public production tenant. You can't copy the model because this creates a new model id even if you keep the name of the model the same as the original but you could migrate the model to different SAC tenants and hence change the AO SAC connection.



      Author's profile photo Kody Byers
      Kody Byers

      When I go to Customize Analysis>>Options, I do not have a platform tab.  It was suggested by one of our partners that I go to technical configuration and check the box EnablePreferredPlatform, but when I do, that setting will not save.  Any suggestions to get the platform tab to appear?

      Thank You,


      Author's profile photo Vadim Kalinin
      Vadim Kalinin

      Your AO version? No issues with AO 2.8.5...


      Author's profile photo Kody Byers
      Kody Byers


      Author's profile photo Vadim Kalinin
      Vadim Kalinin

      Test the latest AO before...

      Author's profile photo Daniel Zand
      Daniel Zand

      We for the first time trying to connect to SAC, users without admin access to their computers getting stock  a message that

      " log on was successful

      Fetching data from server"


      However, after giving  admin access to user this issue gets resolved and even admin access revoked there is no more issues. It seems data gets cached somewhere in  user profile. Unfortunately, for a very large end users community we have, this temp admin access is not a affordable solution.


      What could be a solution?

      Author's profile photo Matthias Steiling
      Matthias Steiling

      We use AO with the SAC via SSO.

      Now I would like to log in not with SSO but for testing with another SAP user.

      How to do this?

      Author's profile photo Nirmala Arumugam
      Nirmala Arumugam

      Hi Noel,


      I am facing a weird issue while consuming SAC in AO.

      When I am consuming SAC planning model I am able to see all the data in AO.

      But when I am consuming SAC analytic model in AO, I am seeing NOT_EXIST in measure value, but could see the master data for all dimensions, Could not figure out what would be the issue. please help me by resolving the issue.