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Author's profile photo Leela Amaraneni

Enabling automatic document Split for an Outgoing Invoice with 999+ Items while posting an Accounting document

If any outgoing invoice has 999+ items while generating an FI document, the system issues the error message “F5-727 Maximum number of items reached”.

To overcome this issue, we can opt different methods like summarization, Split the documents manually into small documents or activating the split functionality. Summarization and split the document manually has its own limitations to consider and will not be a best practice if the requirement is to automate the solution in an effective way.

If the requirement is to active the document split for the pointing of an FI accounting document that has more than 999+ items, we must follow the below-mentioned notes and implement the changes as mentioned.

SAP note – 1353125

SAP note – 1497092

SAP note – 1670486

SAP note – 2078335

Below are the details on how to activate the BADI outgoing invoice.

Implement the BADI- FI_BILL_ISSUE_SPLIT and update the automatic split variable “X” in the method ACTIVATE_AUTOMATIC_SPLIT.

The Sale order created, which will trigger 999+ items when an accounting document posted. Below is the screenshot of the Sale order document flow, where 3 accounting documents created in a sequential number. Where the splitting of an accounting document triggered.

However, the activation of split functionality is enabled only for certain countries. Refer to SAP note- 2144221 for details.
The Include LFACIFSP- specified list of countries. For which the split functionality will be applicable once we activate the BADI as mentioned above. If the country is not listed in this include is not applicable for the split functionality.

If any country which is not listed here required to activate the split requires a custom intervention to add the country in the include. However, as per SAP’s best practice solutions, if we add the country manually, the purchase and sales ledgers will work incorrectly.

This blog provides an overall idea on how to activate the automated document split for an outgoing invoice which is triggering an FI document with more than 999+ items.


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      Author's profile photo Rohit Zalani
      Rohit Zalani


      One another issue is that if the Accounting document has the same number forced as the SD Billing document ( external number for accounting document ), then you will also need to split the SD billing document for number of line items.  The challenge is that one line item of the SD billing document can spawn multiple line items in the accounting document and the optimal number of SD billing document line items to split the invoicing can be an issue. Also, customers may not like to see multiple invoices for the same shipment.

      Author's profile photo Jackson Jerald
      Jackson Jerald

      How to implement this BADI

      Author's profile photo Leela Amaraneni
      Leela Amaraneni
      Blog Post Author

      This is the standard Badi. You just have to ask the tech expert to enable the checkbox as mentioned. This will work.

      Author's profile photo Jackson Jerald
      Jackson Jerald

      Can I have your mail ID?

      Author's profile photo Jackson Jerald
      Jackson Jerald

      Hi Leela,

      Just I want to know how to enable the checkbox. when I try to implement standard BADI, its asking Class Name, what I need to give.


      Can you please explain in detail, how to do this?

      Author's profile photo Govindaraj Krishnappa
      Govindaraj Krishnappa


      Can you let us know what are the other impacts of activating this BADI on the Accounting and reporting side.



      Author's profile photo Govindraj K
      Govindraj K

      We implemented the BADI for automatic document split based on the OSS Note -  1670486 and country specific note for the outgoing invoices, unfortunately it is not working ,We are in ECC 6.SAP is insisting us to go for the other option of document summarization.

      Author's profile photo Sanil Bhandari
      Sanil Bhandari

      Hi leela Amaraneni

      The information shared is very useful. Just quick feedback from my side:

      1. Share the impact for COPA as well if you can

      Thanks a lot for sharing

      Best Regards

      Sanil Bhandari

      Author's profile photo Sijin Chandran
      Sijin Chandran

      Hello All,

      Just to add up here,

      METHOD FI_BILL_ISSUE_SPLIT~ACTIVATE_AUTOMATIC_SPLIT won't work until and unless we set the Accounting Document type for Subsequent Accounting documents which get generated as a part of document split process and for that we need to write code in METHOD FI_BILL_ISSUE_SPLIT~SET_DOCUMENT_TYPE_SUBSEQ




      Author's profile photo Vatsal N
      Vatsal N

      Hi After Implement this BADI SPL accounting determination error should be come

      Author's profile photo Bagali Sai Sirisha
      Bagali Sai Sirisha

      Hi Leela,

      What are the no of line items for Account GL and Account Payable in Bapi when 3 accounting documents posted ??

      i have implemented the same but passing 999 items at Account GL still giving me an error “line items reached”.

      And split will happen as all AR lines into one document and all GL lines into another document ??


      Author's profile photo Stephan Hügel-Becker
      Stephan Hügel-Becker

      Anyone know how SAP ties the split FI postings together? Do they use the header reference field or something so I can see by just looking at say the second FI document which main document it refers to?