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Coach’s Corner – Social Connection and Social Health

This installment of Coach’s Corner comes as a video post…

Please, share one tip in the Comments section below about how you’re improving your social health. Thank you!


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    • Thanks Radha! I thought it would be nice to switch things up a bit with a video, and walk the talk of increasing personal connection. 🙂

  • Wow, Jason.  This was so great!  In the past, I tended to avoid actual phone calls - you know, the lengthy, chatty ones.  Recently, I have been going through my contacts and reaching out.  I allocate about 1 hour a night and I honestly think this has been healthy for me.
    There are still a lot of contacts I haven't gotten to... so be on the lookout!  🙂

    PS: Here is a happy dog.

    • Hi Sue! I like your way of allocating time each night for phone calls. I can imagine folks may have been surprised to hear from you, and were absolutely delighted to receive your call as well. You've always had the most creative and compassionate ideas at TechEd for making connections (even with your dark sunglasses on). 🙂

      Btw, the "happy dog" attachment you posted isn't visible. Would love to see this if possible.