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Author's profile photo Ansari Mohammed Shah azim


Hello All,

I am writing this blog post for steps to upgrade SAP UI5 patch. First, let us understand what patch is.

SAPUI5 is versioned as follows: <major version>.<minor version>.<patch level>

That means that, for example, SAPUI5 1.60.13 is major version 1, minor version 60 and patch level 13.


  • SAP UI5 1.60.1 check SAP NOTE: 2711925 – ABAP SAPUI5 1.60 release
  • Implement 2711925 if SAP_UI 753 SP is lower than SP02 if note implement failed to upgrade the SAPUI version to SP02 or higher.
  • Implement SAP NOTE 2614248 if SAP_UI 753 SP02
  • SAP_UI 753 SP03 or higher can direct upgrade.
  • SAP portal download access.


  • Check currently installed version of SAPUI5

    • Using CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + P in web application such as FIORI
      • Press and hold the following buttons in sequence on web portal: CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + P.
      • SAPUI5 releases show a modal pop up like the below

  • Check the target supported version and file name to download.
    • I am upgrading the patch to 1.60.25 which is the latest version.

    • Download the UI5 from the marketplace.

    • Select the file and click on the basket button or you can also directly download the file.

  • Upload the .zip for test upgrade.
    • If you want to update to a version, which is several versions higher than the existing one, then more time would be required for the update.
    • Set the parameter rdisp/max_wprun_time = 12000 using Transaction RZ11 to avoid “TIME_OUT” dump in ST22

    • Execute the report first in test mode.

    • It will take time and give the output.
    • If there are errors, contact SAP.
    • if the results are okay, start the actual upgrade.
  • Upload the .zip for the actual upgrade.
    • Upgrade the DEV Environment first.
    • Start transaction SE09 and create a Workbench Request

    • Start transaction SE38 and execute program /UI5/UI5_UPLOAD_PATCH_TO_MIME

    • Upload the patch file with TR No. to capture the changes.
    • This TR we can use to upgrade QAS and PRD environment.

    • Click on execute button to start the actual upgrade
    • Upgrade will take time.
  • Check the upgraded version
    • Check Using URL

    • You can also check Using CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + P

The upgrade is successfully completed.

All screenshots are taken by me at the time of activity.

  • Patch upgrade will fix the bugs which were in the previous version.
    • In my case, there was some issue on iOS mobile so SAP recommends upgrading it to the latest patch.
  • Changes are client independent and capture in workbench request which we will use to upgrade the landscape (DEV-QAS-PRD).


Thank you !!!

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      Author's profile photo Satharasinghe Priyantha
      Satharasinghe Priyantha

      Great Shahazim, what a informative blog .....

      Author's profile photo Roland Kramer
      Roland Kramer


      I have also tried to update the same file and the test upload worked fine.
      When I switched from test to the real upload, the report /UI5/UI5_UPLOAD_PATCH_TO_MIME refuses to continue.
      Any Ideas here?

      best regards Roland

      Author's profile photo Ansari Mohammed Shah azim
      Ansari Mohammed Shah azim
      Blog Post Author



      please provide some more details.

      what is your current UI5 version?

      what is your target UI5 version?

      What is basis version and SP?

      share test mode output.


      Author's profile photo Daniel Masaladzic
      Daniel Masaladzic

      Hey Ansari and others,

      thanks for your blog! Question here: So in the following systems QAS and PRD only the TP has to be imported and thats it? No need to import anything via /UI5/UI5_UPLOAD_PATCH_TO_MIME?