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Raising the Bar with SAP HANA Cloud

When SAP HANA was announced in 2010, it raised the bar for enterprise-class data processing. As time went on, SAP HANA has continued to evolve, and I am pleased to announce a new milestone for SAP databases: SAP HANA Cloud is now generally available to our customers.


Bringing Business Value

Data management is always growing and changing. Every day, new sources are creating massive amounts of data, and more and more organizations are looking to extend their on-premise investments into the cloud or have already made a move to the cloud. To help organizations meet the demands of modern, cloud-based data processing scenarios, we developed SAP HANA Cloud as a cloud-native platform.

At its core, SAP HANA Cloud preserves the inherent qualities of SAP HANA. It’s a modern, enterprise-grade in-memory database with a scalable query engine. It can efficiently perform advanced analytics on live transactional data, structured and unstructured, in real-time and on the same data set with multi-modal support. However, we did add some features to make sure that SAP HANA Cloud is genuinely cloud-native, like flexibility and scalability. We want our customers to get all the flexibility and scalability of the cloud with the high performance they have come to expect from SAP HANA.

But it’s not just about managing the data. We want to turn that data into business value for our customers. SAP HANA Cloud will help our customers get business value out of their data and provide them with a scalable way to manage data, big or small, at rest or in motion, in the cloud or on-premise.


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SAP HANA Cloud Explained

SAP HANA with the benefits of cloud deployment means no upfront costs and low cost of ownership since customers can scale SAP HANA Cloud depending on their needs.

SAP HANA Cloud was developed with four key characteristics in mind:

  • Unlimited: SAP HANA Cloud offers centralized data storage management – regardless of data type or structure.
  • Trusted: Organizations can make decisions with confidence, knowing that they are working with data that is up to date.
  • Simple: SAP HANA Cloud offers you the flexibility to scale up or down based on needs. Data can also be moved between the data lake, disk, and in-memory, giving you the flexibility to manage your data according to your business needs.
  • Open: SAP HANA Cloud connects to SAP, non-SAP, third-party, and custom data sources and applications.


Key Differentiators

Low-Cost Storage Options

SAP HANA Cloud offers low-cost storage options, including SAP HANA native storage extension and a built-in data lake. You can keep your current, business-critical data in memory for real-time processing and move data that you use frequently but not every day to the SAP HANA native storage extension. For older, but still important data, you can use the data lake and still retain access to your data when and where you need it. This tiering helps reduce cost and gives you the freedom to choose where you want to store your data based on when you need it.


Multi-Cloud Strategy

SAP HANA Cloud’s broad multi-cloud support enables organizations to use the cloud vendor of their choice. In line with our “develop once, deploy everywhere” idea, you can run different applications on different vendors and switch vendors later if you decide to.


Transactions and Analytics Processing

SAP HANA continues to be a market leader in combining transactions and analytics in a single database. SAP HANA Cloud now extends that strong tradition of innovation, allowing you to develop and run customized, highly flexible, scalable, and data-driven solutions in the cloud. SAP HANA Cloud’s multiple powerful engines help you manage data locally or remotely while handling both transactional and analytical processing.

For example, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud uses SAP HANA Cloud as its primary database technology. It leverages its virtualization, persistence, and data tiering capabilities, as well as its powerful database core. The powerful database engine provided by SAP HANA Cloud helps SAP Data Warehouse Cloud achieve outcomes faster.


Get Started with SAP HANA Cloud

Every organization’s path to the cloud is unique, and I know that many operate in diverse landscapes with different combinations of on-premise, cloud, and hybrid deployments. SAP HANA Cloud can be deployed as a stand-alone solution or can extend an existing on-premise solution into the cloud as a hybrid. We want to make sure that your journey to the cloud is something you can do at your pace.

SAP HANA Cloud is there to meet all your data management challenges and simplify your journey to the cloud with a fully managed and consumption-based experience, all while benefitting from the power of SAP HANA in a cloud-native solution.


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