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Author's profile photo Zack Frazier

SAP Asset Manager 2005 New Features

SAP Asset Manager is the best-in-class mobile asset management solution transforming how maintenance and field operations professionals prolong the life and improve reliability and performance of their assets. The product development team continues to expand the features and capabilities to meet the demands of customers across a diverse industry landscape.

In this post, I will preview important features planned for the upcoming 2005 release. Please note, this is the current state of planning and may be changed by SAP at any time.

Take inspection readings with a consolidated form

A technician whose routine involves inspection rounds taking multiple readings will be able to access a “Take Readings” option at the Work Order header level. This will open a form that consolidates measurement readings for all equipment and functional locations across all operations.

The form screen will include common filtering capabilities to narrow the list. A technician may skip a reading with a basic toggle.

This enhancement will greatly speed up inspections by reducing the amount of navigation between operations and assigned objects.

Download maps for offline use

Offline GIS capabilities are not only important for field technicians in no/low-bandwidth areas but critical when responding in emergency situations especially for industries like public works and utilities. Technicians will now be able to download basemaps and layers for use in the field.

The Map Settings view will show an Offline Maps option where the download criteria may be selected.

A technician may customize the map area to optimize the data cached on the device. The application calculates and alerts the size of the data prior to completing the download.

With offline maps we are closing the last gap making the application fully offline-capable.

Access linear asset data

Many companies have a critical need to monitor their linear infrastructure where condition and properties can vary from section to section. When enabled in Plant Maintenance, Linear Asset Management provides more flexibility to describe, display, and manage assets such as pipelines, roads, railway tracks, power lines and cable.

A utility technician, for example, inspecting a group of electrical lines can view location data relative to a marker such as a milepost to locate a specific segment with certainty. Technicians will be able to view linear asset data associated with work orders, operations, and notifications.

Technicians will also be able to edit linear data associated with characteristic values.

This enhancement represents a first step that will benefit many of our customers and better serve major industries, and we expect to expand LAM support through the year.

View object lists

The object list is a central part of the order capable of linking a variety of objects to the work order. A planner can assign technical objects, notifications or objects, which are identified by a combination of material and serial numbers.

Technicians will be able to navigate to the full list of technical objects from the Work Order and Operation detail pages.

The associated material, equipment, functional location, and notifications for each object list item will be linked for the technician to view the detail screen for each.

Share with us

Please feel free to share your feedback or additional requirements. We strive to further optimize the functionality and user experience and deliver an application that helps our customers drive digital transformation.

If you want to learn more about the recent and upcoming SAP Asset Manager releases, check out the SAP IAM Webinar: What’s New – SAP Asset Manager 1911 & 2005 Release Teaser.

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      Author's profile photo Michael Haydock
      Michael Haydock

      Hi Zack Frazier - for offline maps, how many zoom levels will it download? Will that be configurable?


      Author's profile photo Zack Frazier
      Zack Frazier
      Blog Post Author

      We don’t control the zoom levels. The UI allows you to set the area, i.e., the initial zoom, you want to download. Additional zoom levels down from there will be available on the client as long as they are provided by the service defined in ESRI.

      Author's profile photo Florian Ionita
      Florian Ionita

      Dear Zack Frazier


      Thanks for your post.


      For 2005 does SAP AM providers the maps as standard or shoudl be required from a 3rd party provider?

      Can you also share how the mapping with the technical object location can be done, please?


      Take care of you,


      Author's profile photo Zack Frazier
      Zack Frazier
      Blog Post Author

      Yes, the maps must be provided by a third-party like Esri. You can find configuration information on our Help Portal.


      Author's profile photo Florian Ionita
      Florian Ionita

      Thanks a lot, Zack.

      Do you know by case if the maps be available as standard for SAM 2010 release?

      To me that's the understanding but I just want to double check with you before advising the client with final input.


      Author's profile photo Zack Frazier
      Zack Frazier
      Blog Post Author

      Maps are not included as part of the SAP Asset Manager license.