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[CPI] The Next Evolution: See Traces Directly in the Integration Flow Designer of SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Hello Integrators,

a few weeks ago I presented you the CPI-Helper. A Chrome Extension that upgrades your Integration Flow Designer with some coole features:

  • A button to activate trace
  • A sidebar with processed messages and the errors of them
  • A pop-up about deployment state and endpoints
  • Some buttons to jump directly to trace and logs

I got plenty of messages of people who liked the plug-in on LinkedIn. Special thanks here to Daniel Graversen to make a small video to introduce the CPI-Helper (version 0.3 at this time).

So thank you very much. I was really surprised and did not expect this.

The fact that people actually use my plug-in motivated me to break my javascript programming boundaries. I spend the last weekens to follow this idea and I am really proud to present you version 1.0 of the ConVista CPI-Helper.

I had the idea to get the traces directly in the Integration Flow Designer. Inline like the Trace-Viewer but during development. And voilá, here it is in version 1.0:

If you enabled traces you can activate inline traces of an element by pressing the time button next to the status icon. This shows you the route of the processed message in your integration flow designer.

If you also want to see headers, properties and the payload, click on a marked item and a pop-up appears:

and what I really like is that you can beautify the payload:

Attention: Traces will be deleted by SAP after round about 1 hour. So you can see the run steps but not the message itself on the next day.

Version 1.0 is online and ready in the Chrome Store. Try it yourself:




I recommend you to install the Chrome Extension directly from Chrome Store to get the newest updates.

Attention: If you installed the plugin before 21. March 2020 from Chrome Store, please uninstall and install from the link above. I accidentaly unpublished the old version. So if you want to get 1.0, you have to change to the new Chrome Link.

You can also install from sources of you want.

For more details, see my github page and my first blog post about the CPI-Helper. Meanwhile Version 1.1 is out. You can view and delete variables easily now

If you have any questions or if you traced down some bugs, leave me a comment here.

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  • Dominic, thank you for your efforts that you have already put and keep putting into this development - the extension is of great use, and brings very nice productivity enhancement to CPI developers!

  • Hi Dominic,

    I must admit that this plug-in is awesome. It makes building and debugging much more easier and finally - comfortable. Please do not stop on improving SAP and make your ideas alive!


    best regards

    Pawel G

  • Hi Dominic,


    Thank you for sharing and making it open to the community.

    This plug-in is really helpful and speedup my work especially no need to navigate different pages to get information. One word in short is that we want to stay in design page but still be able to do enable & check trace log.

    Just for your information and other people who also use this plugin in SCN community. I use it in new Microsoft Edge browser ( and it works & faster  & consumes less memory than Google Chrome!


    Kind regards,


    • Hi Nick,

      thank you for your comment. I never really thought about Edge Browser but it seems to be the same engine as Chrome. Good to know that it runs there too.

      You probably installed from github? I will have a look if there is also a store so people using it get updates.

      By the way, we have 1.1 now 🙂

      Best regards


      • Hi Dominic,


        I installed this extension from Google store to new MS Edge browser. Just follow below steps.

        1. Enter edge://extensions/ in Edge browser URL row.
        2. Enable "Allow extensions from other stores" option in lower left corner of window.
        3. Open Google extnesions page "chrome://extensions/" and install this extension

        That's it.

        Kind regards,


  • Echt cool Dominic, Vielen Dank!

    Als Browser Erweiterung lauffähig cross-platform oder cross-environment, das macht es noch universeller <-like.


    Beste Grüße, Michael

  • This is awesome Dominic, we need some features in the standard product. The "Trace" button is pure gold.

    Thanks for building this and making it open source.


    Best regards