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Advanced Available-To-Promise (Aatp): How to setup Backend System ?

Dear All,

In this blog post, we explain the configuration that needs to be done or checked  in  the backend for Advanced Available-To-Promise (Aatp).

Before going further in the different configurations, it is important to understand the order sequence of the different checks. The check is done from the left to the right as it shows on the following picture.


0. Business function Aatp :

Activate the business function


Now let’s go on the different  features configurations for Product Availability Check (PAC), Product Allocation (PAL), Back Order Processing (BOP).

The following Screenshot have been taken from “Commit with confidence with SAP S/4Hana advanced Available to Promise

  1. Product Availability Check (PAC):

This configuration needs to be checked






2. Product Allocations  (PAL) :


3. Back Order Processing (BOP) :


You can launch the program via SE38: ATP_BOP_SYSTEM_CONFIG. This program will help you check the configuration overall configuration of the BOP

4. Release for delivery (Refdy):

No configuration needed in the the back end.

I hope it gives you a better picture of the setting need to be done for Aatp


Teophane Kessou

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