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COVID-19 and the chance for a better world

As COVID-19 became a world-wide pandemic, people, politicians and governments started to think about (personal) health again.

The last years in the healthcare sector were dominated by trying to cut down costs. The current pandemic shows the effects of these measures – healthcare professionals and doctors who work at their limits, missing capacity in hospitals, missing equipment like ventilators or even simple things like protective gear – for those who risk their lives to save others! Therefore, no budget was left for big transformation and digitalization projects.

From my point of view one big problem is the lag of digitalization in hospitals and the healthcare sector in general. This lack of digitalization slows down the work of scientists and governments. To put it in a nutshell – the system is not running at if full potential. To give you some examples, beds in hospitals are occupied by persons who could already have been released, insights from research and trials are not accessible as widely and easily as the could, governments have difficulties to see if the measures they put in place to #flattenthecurve are successful. Even though these examples were only a few of it should be clear, that there is a lot of room for improvement.

People and governments around the world tried to come up with creative ideas to face these difficult times. A lot of members of the community also started thinking about the issue and what they could contribute. I spend some time to browse the community and found some amazing blog posts. Some of these blog posts might have started as efforts to improve personal skills and to get in touch with new technologies, where COVID-19 “only” served as a real-world example. But they show that new technologies could really make a difference and at the end of the day improve personal health for everyone.

Bärbel Winkler for example wrote an inspiring blog post about her participation in a hackathon. Sudip Ghosh show-cased a self-assessment chatbot enabled by SAP conversational AI. Jose Sequeira not only proved how powerful the FIORI 3 technology is, but also provided a convenient way for everyone to see the latest COVID-19 figures at a fingertip.

These are only a few examples of many more (see a list at the end of my blog post) which proves two things:

  1. SAP has the technology to make a difference and really help bring healthcare to the next level
  2. People from the community not only have the skills to make a change, but also the motivation!

There a lot of projects out there right now, which try to use the COVID-19 momentum to start a change. Germany, for example devotes €150 Million to create a network that connects the German research hospitals (which are run by universities).

This article by McKinsey also shows the huge potential for digitalization – again with the example of Germany. IBM already saw the opportunity two years ago and developed a digital health record (EHR), which is now used by many German health insurance companies.

With SAP’s promise to help the world run better and improving peoples lives, the power of technologies like HANA, Leonardo, FIORI, etc. and the momentum and skills of everyone here at the community we can join forces and make this change happen. There is no better topic then (personal) health as it affects all of us, members of the community, SAP employees, customers, partners in the ecosystem and all the loved ones of these people…and as health is the single most important thing for all of us, it is worth it!

At times of cancelled Community Events (like sit and CodeJam) due to a global pandemic it is a good moment to offer our help and support! What do you think?



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      Author's profile photo Sudip Ghosh
      Sudip Ghosh

      Mark Wagener Thanks for mention and Great Post.

      Author's profile photo Denis Konovalov
      Denis Konovalov

      Optimization for greater margins and profit is the root cause of what we're seeing in US (at least).
      The great "value for shareholders" thing.

      Nothing will improve here.

      Author's profile photo Jose Sequeira
      Jose Sequeira

      Hello Mark Wagener , how are you?

      Thanks for the mention and blog post, great content.