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Monitor Covid-19 with SAPUI5 Dark Theme (FIORI 3)


Are you looking for a place to monitor real time Covid-19 data around the world on your Mobile/Desktop/Tablet devices?





















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What is it? A real-time monitor of the Covid-19 situation, in all countries, made with SAP®UI5.

What is it for? So that everyone can follow in real time the evolution of the virus and its numbers (deaths, cases and recoveries).

The purpose? In addition to monitoring the virus situation, take the opportunity to demonstrate the SAP® FIORI UX to the entire population, especially when dealing with the new Quartz Dark theme (Help)  from SAP® FIORI 3.

Where the data comes from? Here

Watch it live:


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    • Hello Florian Henninger , how are you?

      Indeed it's not a "helpful solution" but only a data/evolution tracker around the world in real time, for some folks (specially here in Brazil), to be able to see this type of data could help them on the decision to stay(or not) at home.

      Thanks and regards.

      • Is it really that way. I mean, you know. It's serious and if I see the source of data there are already all data there. To showcase what you can do with quartz theme and SAP-Stuff there are a lot of other things out there. It doesn't help to remember all the people still here. Would be great to see something else from you and give a little bit of normal progress in our days.


        Cheers and stay healthy


    • Why are you so sarcastic?

      It's just a technical showcase.

      We already know where those data comes from.

      If you don't like this stuff, just ignore it. Your reply also doesn't help anybody.