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Batch management new logic from S/4 HANA 1809. Batch management indicator (Plant)

With the introduction SAP S/4HANA 1809, SAP provides a more flexible solution in batch management. A new feature has been introduced as a new field in material master, batch management required indicator(Plant).

Business can activate the batch management for materials (batch level = material) but deactivate the batch management at plant level. This functionality has outstretched the usage of batch management, with material being managed in batches in 1 plant and simultaneously it can be non batch managed in another plants. The ownership of using batch management now can be controlled from plants. Prior to S/4 HANA 1809, if a product is batch managed and level of activation is at material level, then all the plants were affected with this.

Sometimes business  requires to keep batch managed product in Production plant but during Cross plant STOs to distribution plant, Batch should be switched off or should be switched on Selected plants.  This feature gives a leverage to work with batch management in One plant and non batch management in another plant, so this switch is controlling at Plant level which earlier was unable prior to S/4 HANA 1809.


In below example,

  • A product which is batch managed in Production plant 1000. The inventory will be at Plant+Sloc+Batch


  • The 2 distribution plant operates with non batch managed enabled inventory( Inventory should be (Plant+Sloc only), so Stock transferred from production plant 1000, the distribution 1001 and 1003 plant should be able to keep stock without batch.


  • However, You can keep stock at batch level for other distribution plant(1002), if they need to store it.

SAP has given a new field in material master to activate the batch management for the required plant only.


New configuration is provided to enable or disable this settings in OCHA. Batch level will activated at material level for the required plant, however if it required to deactivate the settings, selected plant can be deactivated so that inventory will not be at batch level.


Take a test.

Transfer a batch stock from MPRL plant (Batch Managed) to PL01( Non natch managed). However, Material is activated as batch managed.


Conduct Stock transfer between 2 plants either by STO or by 2 step stock transfer(303, 305).

Stock is transferred from MRPL to PL01 without batch.



This functionality will definitely enhance the business requirement to keep batch stock in one plant and without batch in another if multiple plants operate in stock transfer scenarios like production plant and distribution plants.


Integration with SAP EWM

  • If customer plans to connect SAP EWM  prior to 9.5 Version with SAP S/4 HANA 1809 or higher, please check SAP note
2749538 - SAP Extended Warehouse Management version 9.5 may have problems with batch management in SAP S/4HANA 1809 and higher.


  • If customers use SAP Extended Warehouse Management 9.5 (>= SP02) and want to integrate it with SAP S/4HANA 1805 CE, 1809 OP, or later. Check below SAP note
2604990 - Batch on Material Level with Deactivated Batch Requirement for certain Plants for EWM 9.5 integrated with S/4HANA 1805 CE / 1809 OP and later


Thanks for going through the blog, do share your feedback or any correction in this regard.


Best regards

Shailesh Mishra






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      Author's profile photo VAMSIKRISHNA SRIRANGAM

      Sailesh your blogs are awesome always.

      Author's profile photo Mehmet Ozgur Unal
      Mehmet Ozgur Unal

      Hi shailesh mishra ,

      Thanks for sharing, i met this functionality in a 1809 S/4HANA Project but not checked details.

      This functionality is being waited , i got information about lots of EWM Consultants need to use it ,it is a nice new otherwise they have deleted batchs in integration points of ERP and EWM ?



      M.Ozgur Unal

      Author's profile photo 정은 박
      정은 박

      Hello shailesh mishra

      Thanks for organizing and sharing.

      As a result of new, The configuration of batch level seems to have been unaffected.



      Junghoon Kang

      Author's profile photo Subhrant Kumar bal
      Subhrant Kumar bal

      Hi Shailesh , I appreciate your effort . thanks a lot.

      Author's profile photo Maheswara reddy Bommireddy
      Maheswara reddy Bommireddy


      Thanks in Advance.


      Very informative.

      Author's profile photo Dan Curtis
      Dan Curtis

      Have you done a batch conversion from plant to material level and then used this new functionality?

      Any concerns?

      I am assuming that the conversion would give batches at all levels and then we would have to remove those batches at plant level where batch management is not needed and turn off that plant for batch management.

      Author's profile photo Sharat Sugur
      Sharat Sugur

      Hi Shailesh,

      Thanks for sharing the details and nice blog.

      Author's profile photo Dhiraj Dua
      Dhiraj Dua

      Great work Shailesh,


      Best Regards,

      Dhiraj Dua

      Author's profile photo Salman Shahid
      Salman Shahid

      Thanks Shailesh for posting yet another informative blog.



      Author's profile photo mohammed tamboli
      mohammed tamboli

      Thanks Shailes, This information is very useful

      Author's profile photo Lin Zhang
      Lin Zhang

      Hi Shailesh,

      how to maintain this "Batch Management Requirement Indicator"

      I have maintain those Indicator using MM02 but it have no change in EWM

      Please help me to figure it out.

      Thanks a lot