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A Guide while Deploying SAP S/4HANA: Introducing SAP Project Coach

There might be many occasions on a project that you require immediate answers from an expert, right from simple ones to more complex information. You look for support from an expert who has experience in the latest features of the product. However, if this was over a weekend or in the holiday season this became a challenge and impacted the ability to deliver a solution.

We now have a solution to this with Sophie our new Chatbot who is ready to answer your on-premise questions on SAP S/4HANA 24X7 and she does not take holidays. Sophie carries over 1600 knowledge nuggets derived from the experience of SAP S/4HANA experts from SAP. In case Sophie is not able to answer the detailed questions, she helps you schedule a conversation with relevant SAP S/4HANA experts to answer your questions. Being a quick learner, if she does not know an answer now, she tries to learn it from the experts.

Sophie is part of the SAP Project Coach (SPC) project which was established in 2019 as a new offering under the umbrella of SAP S/4HANA MOVE Program to support and enable partners with their SAP S/4HANA transformation journey.

The focus of the SAP Project Coach is on supporting the on-premise implementation of SAP S/4HANA by sharing knowledge and best practices.

SAP Project Coach leverages Sophie the Chatbot (runs with SAP Conversational AI) to provide expert SAP S/4HANA implementation knowledge. Additionally, this tool offers Coaching Sessions lasting 30 minutes provided by the SPC Back Office Team. SAP Project Coach is now generally available for SAP S/4HANA 1909 on-premise.

SAP Project Coach Value Proposition – 1600 + Solutions | 10 Domains

  • A new channel offering business partners with special expertise on SAP S/4HANA.
  • Supported by a global pool of experienced SAP S/4HANA experts.
  • 24×7 “All-Weather” Global Back Office, accessed via Chatbot.
  • Chatbot equipped with more than 1600 pre-defined FAQs to answer partner queries across 10 content domains.
  • Offers access to the latest content on SAP S/4HANA System Conversion and Implementation regularly updated based upon experiential learning.
  • Partner Consultants can access most FAQs on system conversion from a mobile device as well as any other platform.
  • Scheduling quick meetings with available Coaching Experts for a detailed conversation

Please feel free to ask some questions to Sophie here. (Browsers supported – Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge & Safari)

Contact for support/feedback on SAP Project Coach.

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  • MMMMmmmm…  It doesn’t seem like Sophie likes me.  I signed on using my S* ID, using the link.  I got an error.  So although I probably know the answer, is there a charge associated with Sophie?  If so, could you let us know what it is?  Is there any trial available?

    • Sophie is very sociable and she provides her inputs without a charge. She is currently focused on supporting the partner ecosystem.  If you are an SAP partner with a S user and have access issues please follow the guide below. I hope this helps to get chatting with Sophie.

      If you don’t have your S-User registered  Please be aware that your S-user should be uploaded in the Manage My Users App to have access to the SAP Project Coach Platform.

      Your security manager can access to Manage My Users App via SAP Partneredge portal Quick Access menu or directly via the link

      In case you have any questions about the upload process or need support please contact us via

      • And I didn’t read the blog correctly.

        A new channel offering business partners with special expertise on SAP S/4HANA

        I thought this line meant it offered business partners advice to in-house people.  Like me.   I’ll be waiting for when it is available.

        Thank you!